Makita Auto Complaint - Crooked Car Dealer - No Deal / No Contract On Mazda 626

Review by oweme on 2008-06-06
ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- This Car dealer likes to sell cars that belong to other people, so if a problem occurs he'll act like he's just the middle man and has nothing to do with it. I wanted to buy my daughter a car for her 16th birthday, so I went to him, I told him the price rage I wanted to spend ($2000). he really didn't have nothing that I liked in my price range,but there was this one car he had that he said he would give me a good deal on,so he told me one price($2900), and I gave him a down payment of $500, days later I went back to finalize the deal and to sign the contract but to my amaze the contract was not what we agreed, it was $1000 more($3900), he claimed it to be a typo,and said my daughter can get a job and make the monthly payments herself. at that point I told him that I didn't want the car give me back my money.

I never signed the contract and he never said that there was no refunds on the down payment nor was it written anywhere.(plus the down payment was negotiable, he let me give him what I wanted, I wish I would have given him less and I Thank God I didn't give him more.) I have been asking for my refund for nearly a month now and all he says is the owner of the car refuses to give my money back. The so called owner of the car called me and asked me what was wrong with the car why didn't I want it,and I stated the price and he asked me how much does he want, I told him,and he asked did I give him a down payment, I said yes he asked how much...seemingly he didn't know much about the deal,or what was going on. Days later the car dealer called me back and said that the owner will agree to take a $1000 off of the car. He said that he had to give him one of his cars in exchange for him taking the money off, but at that point I no-longer wanted to do business with him.

All I want is my money back, then he tells me that the man was in the hospital, and that the car was really his wife's and she said she not giving the money back, that's your customer you deal with it, just bring me my car, he said that she's hard to deal with and asked me to think about the offer, I said I'll talk to my daughter to see if she still wants the car, I told him that we had been looking at other cars. So when I called him back I told him I want my money back, and he said I'll relay the message to the owner he's out of town. Fed up I gave him a deadline to let me know when he would refund my money, and if I didn't hear from him, that I was going to file a claim with the BBB,and any other agency, and if need take him to small claims court.
Comments:3 Replies - Latest reply on 2008-06-06
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-06:
Sounds like penny ante operator. Perhaps you should take him to small claims court.
Posted by BobJohn on 2008-06-06:
LoisMustDie (not sure if I want to know where that name came from) is right. Check out small claims court.
Posted by David on 2008-06-06:
people like that won't talk to you cause they hope you will go away. I'd also suggest small claims court. Still hard to collect but you'd have a judgement against him.

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