Victorian Inn and Queen Ann Complaint - Bed Bugs, Dirty Sheets Nasty Room

Review by aleinnah on 2008-06-11
BRANSON, MISSOURI -- My 18 year old son got his first job and wanted to take the family to Branson, Missouri for a little vacation. He had 100.00 to spend on a room for us so we found The Victorian Inn across from White Water. He rented two rooms for 90.00 for us. When we got into the room I noticed one bed had one pillow and told my son to call the office and tell them we needed one. Then I thought this is odd, so I pulled back the covers and to my horror saw blood and pubic hair on the sheet, so I pulled back the other blanket and you could tell the sheets had not been changed there was an indention on the pillow case where someone had slept. So I went to the boys room and pulled back the sheets on one bed and there was pubic hair all over the sheet.

I grabbed my kids and our stuff and told my son to get our money back. The managers apologized and explained they had just taken over management and had 24 complaints the day before, but they would not give our money back, but the owner owns 5 properties in the Branson area and sent us to the Queen Ann down the street, I went and pulled back the sheet in the first room and found a scab on the second bed, and the room smelled like pee, so we went to the office and they said come back in awhile and we will make you happy, We went by some of the other motels they owned and they where smelly awful places, this owner owns The Rosalee, Hi Hoe,The 76, and one across the street from th Hi Hoe, I cannot remember the name of. We went back to the Queen Ann and it appeared they had changed the sheets so we took room 209 and 210 and dropped our stuff and went and had dinner and came back.

We were in the room 5 minutes and sat on the bed and I felt something bit my leg, my 5 year old was laying on the bed and started screaming something had bit her leg, my older daughter found something smashed into the pillow, we grabbed our stuff and left. Both hotels REFUSED to refund our money, they did not care that we had expected clean rooms for our money, oh by the way there was a big spider in the bathtub an t the Victorian Inn!!! I called the health department and off course they showed him rooms that they had cleaned, but the people that own these count on the fact that they are renting to tourists and figure they will never hear from you again, so they can STEAL your money and force you to accept their filthy conditions. I went back the next day when the owner did not call me as I was told they would and the health inspector was there and these managers where telling him we stole there NASTY disgusting pillow. He said I did not find anything, and I said if there was nothing wrong with these rooms would we take the chance of losing 90.00? and would you want you children sleeping in these beds?

The manager called my son a liar and said they never said they had problems with 24 other guests, my daughter heard him say that too. These are fowl disgusting places with seedy people running them, putting at risk every, mother, father and child that sleeps in those beds, God only knows what people have caught in those rooms, so please anyone who has ever stayed at any of these motels and had problems, post a complaint and call the Taney county health department and get these slum lords put out of business.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-06-11:
did you save the pubic hairs? and how could you with 100% certainty, know they were pubic hairs?

the resaon they did not refund your money, was, there are many many un-savy people who will do anything to get a free room.

as far as the spider, i bet in your own home, there are spiders.

sounds like they were trying to accomodate you, even though you refused their offers.
Posted by samtheman on 2008-06-11:
Madconsumer, I must disagree...first, it doesn't matter what type of hairs they were, it goes to show the sheets on the bed were less than sanitary if in fact there was also blood on the sheets. Yes, there are people who will magnify minute discrepancies to get a free ride, but there is an expectation of cleanliness when staying in a hotel and I don't believe the management referred to in this complaint is handling that expectation well. In height of tourist season I'd recommend taking extra caution in selecting rooms in an "economy" hotel. They may employ a small cleaning staff to save on expenses that have difficulty keeping up with the onslaught of tourists.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-11:
glad this isn't the Victorian Inn in Monterey,CA.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-11:
The condition of the room and bed suggests 'Victorian' may post-date the ambiance this place is going for...it sounds more toward the Middle Ages. But, if staying in a joint for it's period ambiance...blood on the sheets certainly says just that.
Posted by D. on 2008-06-11:
The scab you found was probably a blood filled bedbug. I don't blame you for complaining...thanks for warning others.
Posted by aleinnah on 2008-06-11:
We went to stay at the Keeter Center after that which is where we usually stay which costs 180.00 per night, my son was trying to do something he could afford since this was his second pay check, so we where not trying to get a free room, just trying to allow my son to do this on his own, and keep my family healthy. By the way I recommend the College of The Ozarks Keeter Center to anyone, the do have 69.00 rooms for smaller parties. Anyone who would put their family through this kind of hell for a free room deserves the health problems they get from their free room, WE DID NOT STAY AND MY SON LOST 90.00!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-11:
It's too bad that it all turned out so bad because that sounds like a fine young man you have there.
Please let me know if you decide to put him up for adoption before the 4th of July! ;)

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