Evercom Systems Complaint - Correctional Billing Calls

Review by Anonymous on 2003-11-11
DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- Back in May 03 I moved and had to get a new number. I had been given a $300 credit limit from Correctional Billing due to the fact that I pay my phone bill on time each month on my old number and thought it would transfer to my new number. It didn't and I ended up with a $15 credit limit. I called and asked about the new limit and explained that I had a previous limit of $300. I was told that it didn't matter what I had before that I start all over when I get a new number. I was upset but let it be hoping that within a few months the limit would be raised. Here it is Nov. and needless to say the limit is still $15. I called last week and the rep gave me a totally different explaination than I had gotten back in May. I was told that each moth when I paid my phone bill that I had to call Correctional Billing to report my payment. The reason for this is because they say they receive money owed to them in one lump sum. They don't know who paid their bill and who didn't. I told them I think this is a bunch of crap, you mean to tell me that MY money could be applied to someone's bill who pays late or never pays opposed to being applied to my charges that I pay on time every month. I was told this was correct. When I mentioned that I had a prvious account with them I was told they could use my old account but their system only goes back so far so it was a lost cause. The bottom line is this company is unprofessional. Their business practices are not ethical to the consumer. Now I can't receive calls from my husband because they want to limit my calls and I PAY MY BILL ON TIME EVERY MONTH. I'm not stopping here, I'm sending a complaint everwhere I can including Evercom Systems. Anyone else who has problems with them should do the same.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-12:
After my comments above I received an emial form Correctional Billing asking for my information and whithin a matter of minutes my credit limit was raised. Thanks for the quick response however, there is still another issue at hand here. How can the comsumer have their money applied to their account when they pay there bill? What is Evercom Systems going to do to upgrade there systems so that those who are deadbeats account will show that and those of us who pay will be in good standing? Yes I did get the credit rasied but my inquiry to the BBB was already sent (not that I would have stopped it before my credit was raised). I hope that the BBB can do something about the fact that the money that is recieved by this company is applied to the peoples accounts who pay.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-22:
I sympathize with you! I don't know what the BBB can do, as Correctional Billing is in Canada. However, Evercom Systems is HQ'd in Texas. I too have been told by multiple cruel, judgemental and ignorant employees of CBS that they receive lump sums from phone companies with out any info as to whom to apply it to. That's bad business. At one point CBS blocked my phone without warning or reason. When I called to "report a payment" I was yelled at for non-payment and told my bill was over $1000.00, and I, "had better pay up". After 30 minutes of arguing and being told that next month I must to go to Verizon to pay my bill in person then FAX my payment receipt to Evercom, my phone bill was cleared. I will not conform! they have no right to impose this upon anyone! Three months later I had another block and another argument.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-23:
I have bell south as my phone company and I was never told that I would receive a seperate bill from correctional billing services. I expected my bill to come from bell south. I received my bill from correctional billing services on Sat. 11-22-03 for $28.56 and it says it is due on 12-13-03. Today is 12-23-03 and it is my sons birthday and we really were wanting to talk to him on his birthday and had no idea that his calls would be blocked due to going over a $50.00 limit that no one had ever told us about. I could have paid the whole bill on Friday before I got the bill on Saturday and would have been able to talk to my son on his birthday if bell south or correctional billing services had let me know how they work. Now it is Sunday and his birthday and no one is at correctional billing services to take my payment.
Posted by bob_5 on 2004-02-10:
dont associate with criminals and degenerates and you wont have this problem now will you. whne you are in jail you have no rights. inmates should not be able to call out on phones or write letters, there supposed to be being punished. you commit a crime you do the time, do it twice your in for life! lets clean up society and keep criminals in jail

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