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Review by TellsAll on 2008-06-18
MANSFIELD, OHIO -- Imagine a fresh, new establishment with a pleasant environment opening up in town where families with young children, couples, senior citizens, and groups of friends can sit comfortably and dine on pancakes, omelets, ham, hot coffee and biscuits. Sounds nice doesn't it? Now imagine Led Zepplin or the Rolling Stones blaring from the sound system just above your head at 9:30 a.m. challenging your digestion with every bite. Really? Heavy metal and old school hard rock...with pancakes? Um...'kay.

Now imagine that everything you've ordered is presented by your server but, in one way or another is NOT what was ordered-- two out of the 3 things on your plate are incorrect...with no explanation from your server. After mentioning this to her, a half assed attempt was made to turn buttermilk pancakes (NOT what I ordered) into blueberry pancakes (WHAT I ordered) by having the cook simply drop a few blueberries on top of the buttermilk pancakes and return them to my table. Apparently they also could not be bothered to further request MY choice of a meat substitution for what they were "out" of. I can hear the cook thinking to himself, "Oh, we don't HAVE any sausage links.

Guess I just put some ham there instead and the diner won't know the difference". Yeah. I was underwhelmed. On the plus side the coffee was very good...too bad it was never warmed up or refilled (I figure restaurants probably factor in the cost of refill when they price beverages nowadays). Pancakes and sausage aside, never refilling the coffee cup is a HUGE mistake with middle-aged, coffee addicted breakfast diners!! Then be expected to pay for it all. Complaints made to the manager or cashier did not warrant a discount (she might have at least given me the coffee!) or a coupon for the next visit or something to retain a new, and possibly never to return, customer.

Well, at least I didn't leave a tip. After formally contacting this company a month ago with a detailed account of my complaints I can honestly say that I have never had any response from them. I can also say that I eat breakfast elsewhere these days. If they had not tried to insult my intelligence with their shifty substitutions, I might have gone back. Might have. A coupon would have helped a little.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-18:
Id rather listen to classic rock than the crappy country music they play at our local Logans

Substituted ham for sausage,now thats classic
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-18:
Why is it breakfast places never serve beer? How do they expect you to fully appreciate your huevos rancheros with out a frosty cold pint. Madness.
Posted by Octslavia on 2008-06-19:
This kind of sounds like Bob Evans. I think you got your discount when you didn't tip the server. Sometimes it is hard to tell between the pancakes in the window unless the cooks mark them with blueberries, and even that is rare especially if it is a busy day. I do not like customers like you because one little screw up and you blow things way out of proportion which in turn makes me nervous because I try everything possible to make you happy. Just for one little screw up you shouldn't always assume that you are going to get a free meal or some kind of discount that is a game that is played to much in the restaurant industry. We do not come after you for making a huge mess and ruining our floors for example if you spill a drink we don't come after you for a carpet cleaning bill.
Posted by steve_o_tx on 2009-05-24:
I had a similar experience at a rise and dine in Haltom City, Texas. My complaint is that 3 out of 4 meals incorrect. Under cooked, wrong item, missing item. Slow refills on the coffee which would only get from our server, our empty cups were ignored by other servers walking by with a coffee pot. Never asked how our meal was and when I complained no attempt was made to remedy my experience. No kids menu. Only one room bathrooms.

The octslavia comment above is laughable. They screw up most of her order, substitute something without even asking and you call that "one little mistake". You sound like some who makes a lot of "little mistakes". To clarify for you though, people pay good money and they expect a good experience.

Posted by BossyLady on 2009-05-25:
Why do you people always want something for free? Thats why Benigans and Fridays aren't around anymore b/c of people like you. You can't make a profit if you have to constantly give out coupons. Quit being so cheap. Where do you work...i want a coupon.

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