Shamwow! Complaint - I Was Ripped Off - Its Like A Towel, Chamois And Sponge All In One

Review by esalazar on 2008-06-20
BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- This product does not do what's shown on TV ad. Leaves lint and streaks on my car. It's a total rip off. Does not absorb liquid. Dollar Store has better towels than this.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-20:
I don't believe much advertising I see on the tube. If it's too good to be true.................... Can you send it back for a refund? Tell them we're discussing this here.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-20:
I bought a set of these(im pretty sure they are the same)at the California State Fair a few years back,and I use them all the time in my garage.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-06-20:
They're the wonder chamois made in Germany right? The ads do make these things sound great.
Posted by esalazar on 2008-07-06:
Sorry took so long to reply. No I dont believe one can send them back for a refund, unless its defective. That is probably why the ad on T.V dont state money back if your not satisfied.Otherwise I would sent them back in a heartbeat. It states in the ad that its made in Germany.I bought some from the dollar store that work better than this.
Posted by S. on 2008-07-06:
SoCalSteve, I'm in agreement with you. I purchased four of them quite some time ago. Two are still in their unopened wrappers because I keep using the first two over and over again.

Slimjim, yes they're made in Germany and perform as promised.

esalazar, you're getting streaks and lint because just like a chamois, towel, or sponge, they don't hold an unlimited amount of water. They *all* have to be rinsed and wrung to be useful. I've laundered mine many times, but as the instructions state, do not put them in the dryer. You did read the instructions, didn't you?
Posted by esalazar on 2008-07-12:
Yes, I read the instructions, I hand washed and hung them out to dry. I have 1 left that I have not used. I gave 1 to a friend of mine, and she was not impressed with it either.
Posted by D on 2008-08-09:
The commercial is very deceptive and doctored..
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2008-08-09:
As I watched Vince "the sales weasel" hawk his rags, I noticed that during the wet carpet demo there was a large puddle of water under and around the base of the carpet sample. Then when he went to press the ShamCan't onto the carpet to demonstrate its ability, the water under the carpet magically disappeared before the ShamWon't even touched the carpet! I guess I won't be buying any of these ShamYawn's anytime soon. It's very important to pay attention to the details because if there is fraud in the commercial.....
Posted by D. on 2008-08-09:
Did anyone ever REALLY believe these commercials? My favorites are those knifes they sell...when they SQUEEZE the tomatoes while they're slicing it and the smush the bread when they try to slice it...LOL...even my niece noticed those when she was only six.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-09:
LOL, Debtor, I saw that one. It's very hard to believe that the knives can slice through a whole pineapple in thin air. What a farce!
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2008-08-09:
Maybe Ed Mcmahon could start selling these things door to door to kick up some rent money.
Posted by D. on 2008-08-09:
The dollar store sells a can of carpet spot remover and it works great...for a buck, I keep my carpet fluffy and new lookin'...

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