City of Ventura, California Informative - Amber Traffic Signals Too Short In Ventura, CA

Review by piet10 on 2008-06-21
VENTURA, CALIFORNIA -- I was photographed and cited for running a yellow right turn arrow in Ventura. I thought I had plenty of time to turn. I did not!

I then came back and checked, and it had a duration of 3 seconds. The CA Traffic Manual says it should be 3.6 seconds.

I am being entrapped? I have decided to fight the ticket and will keep you posted.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-06-21:
You are going to have a hard time fighting this. But, having been a police officer and written many traffic tickets I will give you this:

You have run a red light only when you enter the intersection after the light turns red. NOT amber. The intersection is defined as the box formed by drawing a line from curb line to curb line. NOT the painted stop bar.

If you entered the intersection while the light was amber you have not violated the law. The length of time the light remains amber is irrelevant.

This is just information you may help you. Good luck.
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-06-21:
this is the exact same thing that is happening here. some people claim the photo traffic tickets are worth fighting. as i understand it, if you have a good understanding of the laws, you may be able to fight it.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-06-21:
I thought Chuck looked familiar - I think you wrote me a ticket once!
Posted by D. on 2008-06-21:
Yellow lights mean Clear intersection ... NOT ENTER intersection. It also does not mean "Speed up".
Red lights mean: STOP!
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-06-21:
Hugh, where?
Posted by Nohandle on 2008-06-21:
Chuck, I think Hugh looked on your blog, saw a motorcycle and well..went from there. LOL. Hugh, want to tell us about that ticket?
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-06-21:
NH, you are probably right. But I was not going to deny it without knowing WHERE he thought I gave him a ticket.
Posted by S. on 2008-06-21:
In our area, we just within the past six months had the arrow lights for right turn installed, but only at selected intersections. It's always been unless posted otherwise, turn right on red (after coming to a complete stop) when traffic clears. For a few days running, the daily birdcage liners ran articles which stated: Do NOT attempt a turn on the yellow arrow. When it's yellow, it's as DB stated, clear the intersection. I've had a few yahoos start laying on their horns when I've stopped on that yellow arrow.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-06-21:
No Chuck, just kidding. I have driven many, many miles in your state - all ticket free. Well, back in my truck driving days I got an overweight ticket (the truck, not me) at the Manchester scales on I-24, but no points and didn't hit my license.

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