Lucky Lucky Furniture Complaint - Please be careful when you go to Lucky Furniture - Edison, NJ

Review by ACAT on 2008-06-22

I just wanted to share my experience with Lucky Furniture store in Edison, NJ. The store is owned by Joe (American Egyptian) and is operated by Cindy (Chinese). First of all, I would like to tell you that they are not the manufacturer of any kind. They will show you few catalogs from different companies and then you have to select the furniture by looking at the pictures. I think up to this point this may be fine with some of us. I bought Sierre Burgundy Leather Sofa + 2 chair. He promised me to give that in $1000 and then he shipped after I fought with him for 20 days. Finally, when the order came, one of the chair was used in his show room.

The other thing that I bought from him was a area rug. I paid him $ 250 for the rug that I chose from his store. When he came to deliver the furniture it was a cheaper low quality rug. So, make sure that you are getting whatever you are selecting there. He will promise you 100 things but once you will pay him the cash, he will do nothing.

I am very unsatisfied with him and he took more money then he should have taken and then he gave the used and low quality furniture. Normally, he will tell you the price that is twice of the market value. for example: a couch that is worth $1000.00 will be sold at 2000$ and then he will reduce it to $ 1600 and you think you made a good deal, but that is not true. You are still loosing $ 600.00.

Never buy anything from Luck Lucky Mattress store.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-06-22:
Why does the ethnicity of the owner and manager matter?
Posted by ACAT on 2008-07-09:
Ethnicity does not matter to me as well. I just wanted to make sure that when you guys reach there, you will find the same guy. Otherwise he will make a new excuse and pretend that he never sold anything to me. It is just for information purpose. I hope that I am not showing any disrespect to anyone. It is just how we refer each other when we are not familiar with someone.

Posted by Y.K. on 2009-03-12:
First of all, if you are looking for some good furniture, you have to shop in small stores like "Lucky-Lucky" or by Internet.
Large chain furniture stores usually attract customers with no-downpayment or no-interest-for 2-year credit. But the fact is that these store sell "bulk" and over-priced furniture - mostly, with no elegance and style. (This makes customers to regret of their choice every month when they need to do a payment)
To use something different like Global-USA or Poundex furniture, you need to use small stores or internet.
I just received successfully my order from Lucky-Lucky yesterday. Yes, it took quite long (2 months). But all my friends who bought furniture online or from other small companies, selling by catalog, experienced similar delay.
Poundex dining set + china came in perfect condition.
I found this furniture online at www.myaffordablefurniture.com which claims "lowest online prices".
But George (Joe) @ Lucky-Lucky suggested significant discount and altogether the price with tax, installation (and free delivery) turn out to be much less than online price at myaffordablefurniture.com
Yes, I could not reach George and Cindy sometimes - but he always called me back.
And those of you who met him, could see that George, really, has serious health problems...
I would definitely recommend Lucky-Lucky to my friends.
Posted by icebergtec on 2011-05-05:
ACAT: I just found this forum. You are totally correct about these criminal syndicate..."Joe", "Cindy" and his son "Eli." For starters, neither of these names are their real names. And no, he is not an Egyptian. Again, it's nit about ethnicity, but about correcting the facts. Joe and Eli are Isrealies; and Cindy is Chinese.

This is my story with these folks. I decided to google "complaint about best price furniture" today, and I found your post. We were also victims of these criminals--Joe, Cindy and his "son" Eli. They scammed $10,000 from my sister and I.

I would like to speak with whomsoever who has been scammed by these people--about what you are doing to bring these crooks to justice. I have reported then to the BBB. They never respond to the BBB inquiry. I had an attorney write them a letter to refund our money, nothing. I made a follow up complaint to the AG's office of Consumer Affairs. When the "investigator" contacted him, he made outlandish lies about me. And the lazy "investigator" didn't bother to corroborate his story. Never mind that I submitted documentations (check copies and receipt) to support my complaints.

I even went to the police station in Edison. When the officer called him--because even the office was outrages, he claimed that we were in court and his attorney was handling it matter, and that I was at wrong. He constantly and continuously deceive and make lies to deflect investigation and attention.

These people are simply cold-hearted criminals. They are the local Madoff. Joe is smooth talking, convincing crook. The type you'll see in CNBC's "American Greed." And the sad thing is, the authorities aren't taking the kind of measure necessary to halt this madness. Like Madoff, they will wait until it has utterly gotten out of control.

Please contact me. I've been searching for contact of other victims. I know we were not the only ones. You can also reach me at exclusivelyforahopping@gmail.com or at 732-309-7098. There is power in numbers. I look forward to hearing from you.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-05-05:
Interesting post and responses.
Posted by Lucky Mattress and Bedding, Limited on 2011-06-30:
Just so we are ALL CLEAR here: First - I agree I think this guy is a sleaze bag. Second - This review is in no way for any of the LUCKY MATTRESS AND BEDDING STORES, in New England, that people sometimes refer to as Lucky Mattress. I wish I could help you with your issue... but good luck to you. :-)

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