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Review by RUSS964 on 2008-06-23
WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK -- I ate at the White Plains location twice this past weekend, on Friday around 5 p.m. and again Sunday for brunch at 11 a.m.

On Friday, my deaf friend and I sat at the table and the waitress gave us a BRAILLE menu, which showed how ignorant she was that we were not blind, but just deaf. I called her over and said that we can see, not need the Braille menu! She apologized and we were so embarrassed because people were looking at us! The rest of the dinner went smoothly.

On Sunday, I took my family to your restaurant. I was shocked to learn you did not have sugar-free syrup for diabetics. So, I ordered the omelet and when it came out, it was warm (supposed to be hot) so I had it taken back to reheat it. Then it was fine. I also had asked for turkey in it, but it came out without the turkey. It did have everything else.

On the plus side, your sugar-free cheesecake is heavenly and I did order that before. The turkey burger I ordered Friday also was delicious. I recommend you offer a wheat bun. I had to order wheat bread. The waitress on Friday was outstanding, very patient. Looking forward to your response.

Train your employees on the difference between deaf and blind people, which is very simple! Also, you should offer sugar-free syrup for diabetics who want to eat pancakes, waffles, and other such foods that require syrup. I was so embarrassed by the Braille menu!
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Posted by msnanny on 2008-06-23:
I would think that the server would be the one embarrassd not you. What caused your embarrassment??
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-23:
Just because the label says sugar free doesn't mean that it's okay for diabetics. The carbs are so high that blood sugar will still rise too high. The cheesecake may have no sugar added but it's very high in fats. Okay to eat some of it just not the entire slice. If you want a syrup that actually is good for diabetics then try Walden Farms. No carbs, fats or sugars. And it tastes good. Not many markets carry the brand but can be purchased from their web pages. BTW I don't work for or distribute their products.
Posted by heaven17 on 2008-06-23:
So, you were given the wrong menu. Exactly why would you be embarrassed by that and why would people be looking?
Doesn't make any sense.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2008-06-23:
I'm not understanding how being given the wrong menu is embarrassing to you. I totally agree with PassingBy, carbs are the enemy of a diabetic just as much as sugar. I can't imagine that the sugar free syrup would make that much of a difference when eating a Cheesecake Factory portion of pancakes.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-23:
Once again I learn much from the my3cents members. Hopefully I'll never have to use that knowledge.

RUSS964 -- I can understand your frustration but remember a little patience goes a long ways in this life. Good review!
Posted by D. on 2008-06-23:
The waitress meant well and she did apologize.
It's kind of like those who speak louder to the blind so they can hear...it's not their hearing that's impaired.
Posted by S. on 2008-06-23:
I agree this is an embarrassment--the whole letter! It's a mish-mash of unimportant, petty comments.
Posted by D. on 2008-06-23:
Yes Ponie...it's the petty complaints like this that makes you wonder how perfect their life is at other times, if this is all they have to complain about.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-23:
One, I thought it was kind of the server to try to be accommodating, even though she had the wrong special need. Many wouldn't bother. Going into a place that primarily sells sweets and expecting them to accomondate diabetics is rather unreasonable. It's like me, a vegetarian, going into a steak house and expecting a huge vegetarian selection. Ain't going to happen.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-23:
Your waitress made a mistake, which does not make her ignorant, and she apologized for it. Is it really worth posting a complaint about?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-23:
I wish all that I had to worry about in this life is whether or not the syrup is sugar free. The waitress apolgized to you for bringing the wrong menu. What exactly is it that you wanted from her? It was a mistake... I'm really curious . . . what do you do for people when you make an honest mistake? Do you stand on your head on your head to show how sorry you are, or do you simply apologize?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-23:
sounds like you should open your own location
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-23:
Russ, did you have any 'whine' with your meal?
Posted by S. on 2008-06-23:
zz, no he didn't. He served it to us in the form of this 'complaint.'
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-23:
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-23:
Gosh! The server made a mistake. Off with her head. Putting sugar-free syrup on waffles or pancakes? PassingBy nailed it.

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