Courtesy Mitsubishi Complaint - My Other Car Is a Lemon Courtesy of Courtesy Mitsubishi

Review by Shea777777 on 2008-06-23
ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS -- The new sign currently posted in my second vehicles window.

I purchased a "used" vehicle from Courtesy Mitsubishi in November of 2006. I purchased a luxury vehicle that is supposed to be one of the safest vehicles on the road which every other day something was going wrong with. I'd take the car in for service and they would tell me that they could not duplicate the problem when I told them exactly how to duplicate it. Finally it got to the point where I was on a first name basis with the service manager as well as the GM. I made them get in the vehicle with me and I would duplicate the problem just like they told me and they would act astonished. Ridiculous.

To boot, they told me that I need to realize that I purchased a non-mitsubishi vehicle. Maybe they should consider selling only Mitsubishi products if they don't have the knowledge to stand up to their warranty. Also, when I purchased the vehicle, I didn't actually sign for the car. I drove off the lot and did not sign for the car for almost a week. They also illegally transferred plates from my leased vehicle to this car. ILLEGAL.

I had to go to the dmv and get temporary plates in fear of being pulled over because of the stupidity of the management at this dealership. Furthermore, about 1 and 1/2 years later we still have not resolved this case. I won in arbitration and the dealerships attorney appealed the decision because they felt bullied by the arbitrator. The arbitrator basically told them they were very unprofessional and should pay me.

So since August of 2007, we have been trying to get this appeal going. Appeared before the judge in Superior Court for the motion hearing for the appeal and the dealership was told that if they pursue this any further, they are subject to paying me damages in the amount of 3 times what I paid for the vehicle. They agreed. The next thing I know, I receive paperwork saying the dealerships attorney needs to be taken off the case because of an illness. The new attorney says he doesn't want to appeal and that it was ridiculous that they had in the first place and after paying full coverage insurance and car payments for a car I have not driven for over a year, they are trying to get away without paying any damages.

This lemon law is not for the consumer. Absolutely ridiculous. Just based on my experiences with Courtesy between sales, service, and management, I bet any money that they planned all this in hopes that I would give up. I've read online that 97% of lemon law cases are dropped by the consumer because of costs. Absolutely ridiculous. I can completely see this. Thankfully I am fortunate enough that I can fight this battle. I wish all the best to anyone else who is going through this. Think twice, three times, even four before purchasing from this dealership. I know the incentives are great, but in the end, it's really not worth it.

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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-06-23:
used cars are often plagued with problems. you did not explain the issues you were having. i would agree with the mechanic that said, you baught a non-mitubishi vehicle. since that is the case, you may want to have taken the car to a service agent that knows that model.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-23:
I am interested in what type of issues the vehicle has. Pre-owned cars are no less reliable than a new one, if they have been maintained properly and not abused by the previous owner. Most people (until the economy tanked) traded cars because they wanted 'new' and not because there was a problem with the vehicle.
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-06-23:
Funny how they did something to benefit you and now you are claiming it's illegal. Of course, you only mention it when you're having issues.
Posted by Shea777777 on 2008-06-24:
To MadConsumer: I realize that there can be problems with a used vehicle and was very understanding until the same problems persisted and did not get fixed and all within the first few weeks of ownership. I was actually very patient and did not require them to get a rental like my contract negotiated until enough was enough. If dealerships want to sell a type of car that they don't make, fine. But either be able to service them or find someone who can. I was under warranty and had I taken it elsewhere the charges would have been on me. No way. The issues I was experiencing were a door would not unlock, a window would not roll down, white smoke from the exhaust,everytime I turned the wheel to the left, the front time scraped badly as though it was going to fall off, and finally, the car will stay running for hours after I have taken the key out of the ignition. I have to actually open the hood and disconnect wires to turn the car off. And the last 2 issues have yet to be resolved.
Posted by Shea777777 on 2008-06-24:
To GothicSmurf: Actually, I questioned them before they put the plates on my vehicle and they said it was okay. I contacted the dmv the following day because I didn't want to get into any trouble and have the car towed. I am pretty sure that I could've lived another day without this car. So, funny how you're wrong! I put this posting online to let others know the issues I've experienced with this dealership. The lemon law is supposed to protect consumers and I am ensuring it is done. Not only do I believe I am entitled to this money, but also does the AG's office sweetheart. Hence why the ruling was in my favor!!!!

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