Proflowers Express Florist Complaint - Horrible Customer Service

Review by Jocar on 2008-06-27
I ordered flowers for my mother's B-Day with same day delivery. The flowers arrive, and mom is happy..now I check my bank statments on line and see there's a double charge so I call. I'm told "oh sorry everyone that ordered on that day was double charged" They tell me not to worry it will 'definetely ' be refunded in two days. Not so..when I call back I get 4 different versions over a weeks time. The last story I'm told is I'll have to call my bank so they can call Proflowers and they will 'work it out'...YEAH RIGHT. So now I have to broker a refund between the two? I tell the 'clerk' I don't think so let me speak to a supervisor. He basically gives me the company line.."I'll look into it and take care of it"..still no money.
I now have to wait 30 days before my bank will act..since according to the VISA rules the merchant agreed to the refund and I have to give them time...
I've used Proflowers for years...not anymore...if it's so easy to take my money, then it should be the same to give it back. I don't buy all this 7-10 business day crap. I honestly don't think I'll see the money for a few months due to the process.

In the end I'll NEVER use Proflowers again.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-27:
If you are within the 60 day time period, dispute the charge with your credit card co. Don't wait!
Posted by Jocar on 2008-07-01:

I've called several times again and still get the run around. The 'managers' give me the standard " I'm going to look into that and get back with you" still....no phone calls nor refund.
July 1st and they still can't even get their act together..'pro' flowers.com is truly a joke.
Buyer beware...use at you're own risk.
Posted by S. on 2008-07-01:
I've never been able to understand why, when making a purchase, a retailer gets the money immediately. But in a case such as this, it takes so long to have it resolved. Same as when signing up for occasional emails from some place in which you have an interest, those emails start coming in pronto. But try to unsubscribe and 90% of the time you get the message you'll be unsubscribed at some ridiculous time in the future.
Posted by nan-nan on 2010-04-29:
I also was ordering flowers for my mother through pro flowers and pro flowers express came up with same day delivery so I decided to use that. when I went to check out (before I put in any account info) the computer told me this site was not a trusted one and could not confirm the ip address and suggested I leave the site. Went back to pro flowers and the same arrangement was not availble there. These are two different sites. I have ordered from pro flowers before and did again with no trouble at all

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