Branch Banking and Trust Complaint - Poor Service and Outrageous fees

Review by JessicaNoVa on 2008-06-28
VIRGINIA -- My husband and I relocated to Northen Virginia in 2006. We opened a checking and savings account with Branch Banking and Trust (BB&T) shortly after relocating. We relocated again and needed to close our account with them earlier this year. In two years we have racked up numerous charges and fees. Mostly for not having at least $2000 in our checking account. My husband had direct deposit for his paychecks. They would charge us for going under the required amount one day (and sometimes hours) before he would get paid. And while the $35 fee seems small, but it was a monthly occurrence for us more often than not.

Recently, while in the process of switching banks and closing accounts, we accidently over drafted on our BB&T checking account. It was the first time in two years we have ever over drafted. We did so by $5, it was an atuomatic withdrawal for an online photo hosting service. When I became aware of the situation, I phoned the bank to try an reconcile the situation and to close the account. Not only did a $5 mistake end up costing $75, due to fees; I also got an earful about fincial responsibility from a very unpleasant *customer service* representative. In fact when I asked if there was any way to waive some of the fees she belittled me for even asking. When I asked to speek to a manager because of her demeaning remarks, she hung up on me. I called again and spoke directly with the manager, and he claimed that his employees would never speek to anyone like that.
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Posted by *Brenda* on 2008-06-28:
Why are people so surprised and appalled when they get overdraft fees for.. OVERDRAFTING?
Posted by yoke on 2008-06-28:
When you can figure that out let us all know. Everyday there are at least 2 new ones complaining.
Posted by Nohandle on 2008-06-28:
I'm for going back to the old days we hear of. Walk into the bank and present your deposit, none of those direct deposits anymore. Automatic withdrawals? Nope, write a check and mail it. Have a credit card, present it to a clerk and are told your card has been declined? Great..no extra charges to worry with, just pay down your balance so it won't be declined again. Have a debit card and spend more than you have in your account? Lets do away with them entirely and we won't have to worry about that annoying extra charge. ATM's? Do away with them as well and you won't withdraw more than you have.

In seriousness, we enjoy the banking conveniences unheard of years ago. We've forgotten the banks are a business to make a profit and they are not your friend. Treat your account as such. Deposit your money for safekeeping and nothing else. When you decide to spend some, make certain it's there first.

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