Best Hyundai/Mazda Houston Texas Complaint - Completely Unethical Dealership. Stay Away!!

Review by GlennVic on 2008-06-28
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I have been the owner of several Hyundai vehicles over the years and current drive a 2004 Santa Fe that I have had since it was new. I had decided to buy a new Accent and have been shopping around. Best Hyundai in Houston made me an offer that was better than a dealer a little closer to home so today we went to close the deal. After getting there the car was detailed and ready to go. The salesman had the temp tag ready and went over our owner's manual, etc. Then it was off to the finance manager. Here is where we were totally screwed. Best Hyundai had agreed to match interest rate with our Credit Union but not until we sat down to finalize the deal did he tell us that the 4.8 interest rate was offered only if we bought the top-of-the-line Extended Warranty through Best Hyundai. How unethical can a dealership be? We said "no" we want the 4.8% that was promised and we were told they could not do that. We walked away.


I have talked with other Hyundai dealerships here in the Houston and surrounding area and have been told that Best Hyundai does this type of bait and switch tactic all the time. Hub Hyundai has offered to find me the car I want at the same price and with no deposit and no commitment until the car is here for me to pick up. They gave me a no hassle out-the-door price.

I would have dealt strictly with my Credit Union if Best Hyundai would have sold me the car at the same price using my Credit Union but they stipulated that they could only offer me the price I wanted if I financed with them but that they would match my Credit Union's interest rate. So we saw no reason why not. Of course, they did not tell us that interest rate was only guaranteed IF WE BOUGHT A $3,000.00 EXTENDED WARRANTY ALSO.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-28:
If they are unethical in every imaginable way, why did you go there? You only list 1 problem.
Posted by David on 2008-06-28:
and if you had the financing arranged anyway, why didn't you just finance with your credit union and buy the car?
Posted by GlennVic on 2008-07-03:
Believe it or not I was sent an email by the dealer's General Manager. He seemed so concerned and asked me to explain. I told him exactly what happened and gave him my home and cell numbers if he wanted to discuss. HE NEVER BOTHERED TO EVEN CALL ME!!! Am I surprised? This company is a real disgrace to Hyundai. I now have Hub Hyundai diligently searching for a vehicle for me. They assured me no BS and that the price they quoted would be the price they sell the car to me. We will wait and see.
Posted by GlennVic on 2008-07-05:
Price was based on financing through the dealer who said they would match Credit Union's interest rate. Not until finance manager was going over paperwork did they state the matched interest rate was ONLY if I purchased a $3000 extended warranty. They would not accept a cash offer for the car or financing through my credit union for the price they quoted. As far as being unethical. How would you feel after about 10 - 15 emails confirming everything you want in a car and not find out till you get there after driving for an hour that you were screwed all along? Is this ethical? If you think so you are an idiot!
Posted by S. on 2008-07-05:
Hey, Glenn! Cool your jets. No need for name calling. I agree with Dan. If you were able to get that rate from your credit union, why didn't you go through them? Are we missing something here that you haven't mentioned? Going with your CU from the start would have been a no-brainer.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-07-05:
Good going, Glenn. I would have walked away as well. In doing any car deal one must be prepared to walk away at the first sign of deception or unethical behavior.

As Ponie said, the credit union is a no-brainer.

Always read the contract in its entirety. If the salesman says he doesn't have time for you to read it tell him to get you another one that is shorter. I did that once.
Posted by GlennVic on 2008-07-06:
Ponie: As I stated on 7/5/08 the reason why I did not go with the credit union because the dealer said they would only sell me the car at the reduced price if I went with THEIR financing but that they would match the credit union's rate. This is the only reason why I did not go with my CU. Then the dealer began their dishonesty.
Posted by GlennVic on 2008-07-13:
Well, an end to my problem Friday 7/10,2008 I received a call from HUB Hyundai in Houston. The original discounted price I received was from Hub but they did not have the car in stock and said they would keep trying. After dealing with Best Hyundai and their lies I wondered if Hub was lying also. They called and said they found me the car I wanted in the color I wanted and would still honor the discounted price. I remained skeptical until we were actually signing the papers. No gimmicks, nothing but GREAT service from a no nonsense dealer. I have my Accent GS and I love it. MSRP of $14,200 and I paid only $11,250. WOW am I impressed with HUB Hyundai. They will likely have a lifelong customer from my wife and I. By the way...Hub did the financing for me also and got me the same interest rate as my Credit Union with no gimmicks, no pushing warranties on me, again...just GREAT service. See Ryan at Hub Hyundai on the Northwest Freeway in Houston. He is a GREAT guy.
Posted by twposse on 2010-12-17:
Also had a bad experience in the finance office of the same dealer. When I tried to walk away they started screaming at me and attempting to intimidate. My wife and I were kind of shocked and all I could do was laugh. They stuck me with 7.9% and I paid the vehicle off in the first month. We were lucky we didn't need to deal with their financial stuff for very long.

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