J & J Lawn & Garden Equipment Complaint - Lawn Mower Repair

Review by michiganboy on 2008-06-30
BRISTOL, INDIANA -- I recently sent my JayZ lawn over to J & J Lawn & Garden Equipment to be serviced because of an oil leak. At first I was told that it probably needed the head gasket replaced. The company was informed that if it needed more than just the head gasket when they broke the engine apart then to do nothing with it and I would come and pick it up and pay for labor. So after a week of not hearing anything from them I went over to see if they were done with the repairs and was informed that they had it broke down but it wasn't finished and that it would be done on Monday and was once again told that it was probably just the headgasket.

On Monday I went to pick up my JayZ lawn mower and was shown the blown head gasket and informed that he thought the problem was most likely fixed but he wasn't sure if the pistons and rings weren't damaged due to the appearance of the head gasket. The gentleman that I was speaking with at that time told me that they had put some product called seafoam in the engine to help to loosen the piston and rings in case they may have been bound by the blown head gasket. He also informed me at that time that he had left my mower running outside for at least an hour to get the seafoam worked into the engine and was proud of the fact that after that hours time my mower was no longer blowing smoke.

So I took it home thinking to myself that it was worth the $121.34 that I placed on my credit card for the repairs. That was until I realized before I went to run the mower that night that the mower had no oil in the engine. I put oil in the engine and began to mow my lawn I and after about a half hour of mowing I noticed it began to smoke a lot. I checked my mowers oil once again and realized that in that half hours time it had burned up almost a quart of oil. I then called J & J Lawn and Garden Equipment and this time I got another gentleman on the phone and was informed by this man that he hadn't had a chance to speak with the first gentleman I spoke with to inform that first gentleman that it wasn't just the head gasket but that the whole short block needed to be replaced.

So after replacing the head gasket and running the mower at their place of business until it quit smoking ( due to lack of oil, would be my guess ) which according to the first employee's own words was a little over an hour they would be happy to replace my short block for another $695 dollars. I asked why I was just finding this out and why they bothered with the head gasket and I was actually informed that it was on me because they had been told that they could only do the repairs for the head gasket and nothing else. When they were actually told to nothing if it was more than the head gasket. They refused me a refund and now I'm mad.

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