MPC/Gateway Gateway Complaint - Horror Story - Laptop Back Order

Review by DougA on 2008-06-30
On 26 March, or there about, we ordered a Laptop computer from MPC/Gateway through my fiancee's employee purchase program. The order was shown to be in the "booking" stage for quite some time, and a call to the sales rep advised us that the order was on hold for a carrying case that had been ordered to go with the laptop.

My fiancee told them to just cancel the carrying case, and ship the computer. Not long after, we noticed that the order still had not shipped. Another call to the sales rep advised us that there was a problem getting some other parts, but that our order was being given top priority.

Thinking we were getting the run around, I decided to call customer service. The customer service rep advised me that the order was held up because of the earthquake in China. I stopped him in his tracks, and reminded him that the order had been placed well before the quake, and to try again.

Eventually we were told that there was a problem getting the chassis, but that our situation had been escalated to upper management. Around the time that the chassis was to have come in, in the middle of June, I suggested that perhaps a free upgrade was in order, since there was likely a machine in a class above the one we ordered that had all the parts available. At that time I was advised that an upgrade would not work, because now the issue was with the motherboard components. Any machine in an equal or greater category as the one we ordered would have the same motherboard issue. (Of course!)

Three months, and three separate order numbers later, MPC/Gateway has offered us no resolution. They did, after I pretty much insisted, send us a wireless router, so that when (IF) we get the laptop, we can connect to The Internet via our cable modem, which is connected to our desktop PC.

We have never been given a courtesy call to update us, many of our emails have gone unanswered, many voicemail messages have been unreturned, and no date has been set for a shipment. We were told that pretty much no laptops are leaving Gateway, and that there are "thousands of other customers patiently waiting out the back order".

It was suggested to me today that if parts for an upgraded laptop were available, that would have been the first thing done to remedy the situation. Only time will tell if we see any upgrades. At this point, we would just be happy with the machine we ordered, and PAID FOR THREE MONTHS AGO!
I would like to let others know what is going on, and I would love to hear from anybody else this is happening to. (Since MPC/Gateway tells me there are so many!) Please pass this on to anybody you think would be willing to send it along to others.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-07-01:
Cancel the order. File a written dispute explaining the situation with the credit card company BEFORE 60 days has elapsed (if it hasn't already) since it first appeared on your statement. There are far too many other places to purchase a computer. There is no need to put up with their nonsense.
Posted by S. on 2008-07-01:
chuck, looks like your sound advice will do no good this time. More than sixty days has elapsed since the order was placed (if that's the date they go by). You're so right in that there are plenty of other places to buy a computer. But maybe not Best Buy, Circuit City, HP, Dell, etc. You know the ones--we read all about them. :) I still think it's best to buy a computer from a smaller retailer who deals strictly in computers. I did last September and even though it had to have a couple of tweaks, both times it was done while I waited. Luckily, the store was located just a few short miles from my home.
Posted by JerryW on 2008-09-10:
My bet is that you still have not received your laptop. We placed an order for one back in May and have heard all the same stories you have. We also have desktop orders place back in June and July that we still do not know when they will be shipped. And these orders have been escalated so many times I have sort of given up. We are a business and have an open PO with them and have purchased over 400 in 3 years that we provide for our customers. Three years ago when we started with them they were excellent we could get machines shipped in 3 days. Since MPC came along it has gone down the drain in a hurry. My account manager has changed 3 times in the last year. I'd highly recommend Lenovo Thinkpads, that is what we have purchased for our business. They have support that is second to none.

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