GA Board of Dentistry Complaint - Doesn't Protect The Consumer

Review by opinion on 2008-07-01
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I filed a complaint against my former dentist who performed cosmetic dentistry on my teeth, and left me in horrible pain.

I had to have them redone and pay for it again. I felt my voice would be heard at the GA Board of Dentistry, but after waiting for 11 months, they concluded that my former dentist was not in violation. What a let down. Did they think I had my teeth redone for fun and pay for it twice? Shame on my elected officials! Since then I was told very candidly that it was a useless complaint, dental boards don't protect the consumers against incompetent dentist.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-07-01:
Did you have another board certified dentist that was willing to testify to the board about your complaint? Without another dentist willing to do that, it's pretty tough to get a board like that to act.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-03:
This is the first time I think Hugh missed one. A licensing board only considers if any of their rules were broken. It is entirely possible to have a bad result without breaking any board rules. It is equally possible to break nearly all of the board rules and still have a good result and/or a happy patient. The OP went about the complaint backward. A negligence complaint to a licensing board is the step taken after successful civil suit for negligence. Also, 'board certification' is not a quarantee of greater competence, ability, or truthfulness.
Posted by opinion on 2008-07-04:
Thank you for your comments.
I got two second opinions. Both dentist told me the same thing, my bite was off. (Upon evaluation, my clinical judgment was that her bite was off due to recently constructed porcelain veneers / crowns. I identified that in a working movement (i.e. moving her jaw side to side) that her teeth were coming in contact too much with one another (especially the lateral incisors). This constant clashing and unbalanced forces caused reversible pulpitis and inflamed periodontal ligaments, which of course led to her pain. )
Unfortunately the dentist who redone my teeth didn't want to get involved because he told me he makes more money by working than testifying. The other second opinion dentist would not back up his opinion, because it was a free consultation, and technically I was not his patient.
The dentist in question who left me in pain refused to accept any responsibility or give my money back. He never returned any of our phone calls, and when my husband and I showed up in his office he called the police and charged me with criminal tress passing. It is incredible that this happened. My whole family, husband, mother, and four kids have been this dentist's patient for years, and he called the police on us.
After the GA Board of Dentistry's decision and the police fiasco I took him to small claims court for breach of contract. Even thought I have receipts, and statements, my case was dismissed against him because all I had is an email from my current dentist not a sworn affidavit. I didn't know I had to have a sworn affidavit, but if I had one I could have sued the Dr. for negligence and seek lot more money than I paid him.
The Dr. in Alpharetta, Johns Creek Family and Sedation Dentistry caused me terrible pain, financial distress, and traumatized me because he got away with it.

Posted by Melody Daniels on 2014-04-15:
I totally agree. The Georgia Board of Dentisty does not police dentists. They are, in fact, rubber stamps for the dentist. Their board is comprised of 11 people. 9 Dentists. 1 Dental Assistant, and only 1 Consumer Advocate. So, you have only a 1 in 11 chance of getting this corrupt Dental Board to find for the consumer.
I filed a complaint against a White County, GA dentist some years ago, and, after 11 months, they failed to find any violation.
The best advise, is to get a lawyer, and sue the dentist for malpractice. Something I should have done.
The Georgia Dental Board is a bunch of crooks (dentists) protecting other crooks (dentists) and the consumer is none the wiser.

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