Maxwell Town North Nissan Complaint - Fraudulent Dealership

Review by ziation on 2008-07-02
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- My father recently passed away on May 08, 2008 and my brother and I had plans to drive from Austin to Lubbock to attend the the funeral and take care of other things. I decided to service my car before the road trip because I had been hearing a chirping sound when the vehicle, a 2003 Nissan Murano, was at an idle. I took this vehicle to the dealer in question on May 8, 2008 at around 10:30am and informed a [snip], who is the assistant service manager, of my situation and asked if he was sure he could have the vehicle done before the end of the day. He responded with a definite yes. I didn't hear anything from him until 4:45pm that night where he proceeded to explain to me that they just got to looking at the vehicle and he had a list of things he felt needed to be repaired. I asked him why the vehicle was not done yet which he had promised. He explained they were busy and just blew me off.

He proceeds to inform me that I needed to replace the serpentine belts to the tune of $160.00, fix an oil leak for just over $280.00 and said I needed a state inspection for around $20.00. I told him to proceed with the service that he had covered at which time he informed me that they would not be able to start on it until the next morning because they were closing in 10 minutes. Needless to say I was upset already and was not going to be able to fulfill my responsibilities in my father's passing. That evening I had a chance to look over my finances and realized that with having to cover my father's expenses, I was not going to be able to afford the work that was said to be needed to be done. I called [snip] at 5:30am the morning of May 09, 2008 and left a voice mail, because they were not open yet, and informed him of my situation again and told him I could not afford the service and to not do any of it and that I would be in when they opened to pick up my vehicle. [snip] called me back at 7:30am to inform me that the work had already been done and that I would not get my vehicle back unless I paid the money.

This of course was a huge issue for me because my family and I needed that car for the trip. I feel [snip] saw an opportunity to take advantage of me and did. I asked how it was possible for us to talk last at around 5:00pm when they were closing and no work had been done and to talk again at 7:30am, a half hour after they open, and now all of a sudden all the work had been done. This was work that he was charging me anywhere from 3 to 4 hours of labor on. The numbers just did not add up. He told me that the mechanic stayed late the night before working on it to which I explained that his time card should reflect this and asked to see it which he told me I could not. I told him I was on my way down there and to do nothing until I got there. He calls me about 10 minutes later while I was driving my wife's car down there, and tells me that he tried to perform a state inspection on the vehicle but could not go any further because the check engine light came on and he then said he proceeded to hook my vehicle up to the diagnostic machine which told him my catalytic converter was going out and I needed to have that replaced, but that it was covered under warranty.

I told him that I had asked him not to do anything else until I got there and wanted to know why he explicitly ignored me and went ahead with all of this. I had never asked for a state inspection and was confused as to why he took it upon himself to attempt one. So he tells me that my car is not ready any longer and that he would call me when it was. I showed up at the dealership and he explained the same thing to me all over again and I asked for the old serpentine belts that he supposedly removed the night before and he told me that they probably threw them away and that he could not get them for me. I already know there is no way that any of that work had been done yet but he was standing there lying to my face to trap me into having to give him money or not be at my father's funeral. He explained to me that he would have everything fixed before 12:00pm and he would call me.

I had to change all my plans and miss out on some services for my father because of all of this. he then calls me at 2:30pm (not before 12:00) to inform me that my vehicle was ready. I asked if they had some sort of payment plan and he said no and that if I did not pay, they could not release my vehicle. So for the rest of the afternoon I had to try and come up with the $500.00 or so dollars to get my vehicle out of the shop. I was not able to do so until after 5:00pm that day so I was not able to pick up my vehicle until the morning of May 10, 2008. This is 2 days after I was already suppose to be out of town attending to my deceased father.

So I pay and get my vehicle and get home just to realize that no state inspection had been performed, and I was charged for windshield wiper blades that I had never asked for and do not believe were replaced. This entire experience is despicable. I can not believe that a business is allowed to operate in this fashion in the US.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-02:
Forward your story to the dealership general manager, and if you don't get a suitable response, escalate it to Nissan, USA. Sounds like your service advisor was playing games. I know they're under a lot of pressure to bring in work, but lying isn't acceptable.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-07-02:
No doubt in my mind they did the work after hearing the message. Good for you for writing this and getting it out there. I wouldn't use them upon hearing this story.
Posted by lepearso on 2008-07-05:
When you send your story to the dealership manager, send it by certified mail with a signature return card. You'll at least have assurance that he received the letter.

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