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Review by rx2man on 2008-07-05
TEMPE, ARIZONA -- After reading a couple negative reviews about Bill Heard Chevrolet and a positive one about Chapman we headed over. Everything went all right in the beginning and we found a vehicle we liked. We told the salesman what we wanted to spend. Nothing to put down and wanted a 84/84 GM warranty included in the deal. After some more talking the salesman Gilbert went to talk with one of the managers. Gilbert came back to our table and asked how 399 a mo. for 72 mos at 0% sounded. It was 100 more that what what stated we would be willing to spend but that was the best they could do. We left, no drama, they gave us our trade in keys with no issues. We headed home, continued to discuss how much more the truck would cost us than we wanted to spend. I called another dealer to see if they could do better and was told we got a really good deal and to take it. So after more discussion and finally convincing my wife I called the dealership back to make sure that the numbers we correct, before driving another 45 miles back to the dealership. Well it turned out that the $399 wasn't really what they intended to sell us the vehicle for, that it was really $466, they just wanted to see if we would come up more.

That was nice of them, 6 hours of drama for me the rest of the day trying to decide if we could swing a $400 payment and they were just shooting numbers out there. So while Bill Heard may not be the place to go to Chapman is not any better. They can waste your time just as good as anyone else."
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-07-06:
Before you shop at another dealership, please find yourself a good book about car buying and read it. People that are only concerned about the payment amount are a dealer's dream - they can make more money off a payment buyer than just about any other type.

They can sell you the truck at list price, add lots of fees and offer you next to nothing for your trade in and as long as the payment fits into your budget you will go for it.

Negotiate every part of the deal separately. Bargain over the price of the new car - then you can discuss what your trade in is worth. Then you can negotiate over financing - but know in advance your cost of borrowing from your bank or credit union so you know if you are begin taken advantage of.

And finally, never sign a contract that is conditional on the dealer getting the deal financed. Make sure your contract is fully funded and done when you drive home. You can find dozens of report on here about people that drove home with a xx% rate only to get a call a week later that the dealer couldn't get it funded at that rate and it's going to be at zz% and you payments are going up.

Finally, remember this is a business transaction. These folks are not your friends, they get paid a percentage of the profit, so they are trying to make as much as possible on this deal. With auto sales as soft as they are right now, you can get some good deals out there, but you have to be prepared to do battle. Good luck!
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-07-06:
Excellent advice, Hugh. I might add a couple of other things.

Always be prepared to walk away if you sense they are hiding anything.

Read the entire contract before signing. If they say they don't have time for you to read it all tell them to provide a shorter contract.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-06:
One other thing people fail to take under consideration. After two years the note is worth more than the vehicle.
Posted by rx2man on 2008-07-06:
Hugh you are correct, but dealers always want to know how much you want to pay so before leave I do alot of research, edmunds forum, vehicle prices paid. You can usually get a good sence for what the lowest price you will walk out of a dealership with a vehicle for. I then figure out what my trade ie worth being as generous as I can for myself. Then get either prequalified through my credit union or in this case decide to go with the 0% deal. When all is said and done when they ask you how much you want spend and you say $300 per mo @ 0% for 72 mos then you have to stay as close to that as possible. Also knowing if that is really low that you may have to go up but know where that number is as well. We did not want to buy at $399 a mo. But that was where we were at with the dealer. Only to call another dealer and be told that was a good price. I am with you, you really have to do your research or you will regret it.
Posted by lepearso on 2008-07-08:
rx2man is right about getting prequalified. Before you go shopping for another vehicle, go to a local bank or credit union and get prequalified for a car loan that COMFORTABLY meets your budget. Then, look around and see what you can get for your money.

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