Bluebird Realty, Jonesboro, GA Complaint - Beware - Renters / Tenants Get Treated With Disrespect From Landlord

Review by acooper on 2008-07-08
JONESBORO, GEORGIA -- All I have to say is that if you enjoy conflict; like being yelled at, called names, and being hung up on; and want to deal with people who lack any compassion or understanding, then this is the Realty Company that you want to rent a house from! The broker with this realty company treats tenants with complete disrespect. Unfortunately, renters have next to zero rights and no recourse for being treated this way. This post is not about the many specific things that I have been dissatisfied about with this company, but about my concern with the Broker's insensitivity and overall disrespect.

We moved into a rental property with Bluebird Realty in June of 2006. From the very beginning the people working for this company seemed very inexperienced, incompetent, and most importantly lacking basic compassion and understanding. Why did we rent with this company?

To put it bluntly, we were in a hurry and needed a house with a fenced in yard for our dog. We were moving from out of state, so our ability to search for a rental property was limited. So now, let's start from day one. The first time we looked at the property the agent was 20 minutes late to show the property. While we were looking at the house she was complaining about how "dirty" the house was because the owner had not allowed them to clean and he had cleaned it himself. We did not mind cleaning the house, as the house had the fenced yard that we required and we needed to move in before my husband had to start work. We took care of all the paperwork and planned our move in date.

So we rent a U-haul and my family drives across states to help us move in. I call the agent to let her know we were on our way, only for her to inform us that if we did not get there before 5pm then we would not be able to move into the house (this had never been mentioned previously). I explained to her that it would be closer to 6 before we got there, but she stated that she had to go home for her son's birthday and we would just have to rent a hotel room (even though we had already paid for the prorated months rent).

So, I had to drive separate from the rest of my family and speed to get there before the agent went home. When I got to the property the agent asked me for my signed copy of the lease. I had no idea what she was talking about as I had not even seen a lease agreement yet, but she insisted that she had told me that I was supposed to bring a copy of the lease with me. She said, "Well that's too bad, guess you won't be able to move in today after all!" I asked her why didn't she bring the lease agreement with her, but she had no response for that. I suggested that we go back to her office to get a copy. She was clearly irritated by this (as she was in a hurry to get home) but she agreed. When we got there she skimmed through the lease and told me it was just a standard lease agreement and began pressuring me to sign so she could get on her way home. I reluctantly signed the paper, which eventually led to more problems (but that is another story).

Since we moved in we have had numerous problems. Anytime we call to talk to these people they are really snippy on the phone and have even said that they are "too busy" to "deal" with us. On one occasion, the people with this company refused to accept any of my phone calls, and I do not mean they sent me to voice mail, I mean they picked up the phone (I heard them talking in the background) and then immediately hung it up. What a way to run a business!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-08:
"and most importantly lacking basic compassion and understanding."

They are a business and not family or a friend, so get over that real quick.

Always follow up any telephone conversations you may have with them with something in writing. Include photographs. Keep a record copy of everything for yourself.

Make sure you have read through your lease agreement. You may have signed it in haste but you are still bound by it. Make sure you know what you have gotten yourself into.
Posted by acooper on 2008-07-08:
So are you saying that businesses are not supposed to be polite to the people who are paying them money?!?! I would never talk to friends, family, or even complete strangers in that manner! I am not even saying that I wanted them to do anything about my problems, I just want them to treat me like a paying customer!

As for following up with writing, sounds good, but there is nothing you can do unless you go to court.

As for the lease agreement, this particular guy said that he can do whatever he wants to (even if it IS NOT in the lease) and if I don't like I can take him to court. Unfortunately, taking him to court would cost more money and be more hassle than it is worth and he knows that.
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-07-08:
call the local hud office and ask to speak to a tenants rights lawyer.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-07-08:
Pretty funny, acooper took her entire original review down and then reposted it to wipe away the original follow ups. It's funny how this version leaves out why the broker refused to take her calls. That one occasion is why she is here to start with. Trust me people, there is a lot more to this story.
Posted by B. on 2008-07-08:
I smell a cover up.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-08:
Tenants do have rights but I am curious why would you sign the lease without reading it thoroughly first? That just doesn't make sense! It would have been smarter to just pay for a hotel for one night, and start over the next day - yes it may have been an inconvenience, but now you are bound by the lease terms since you signed it.

There are landlord/tenant laws in every state, here's a website I've used before: http://www.rentlaw.com/.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-08:
I'm scratching my head here. Why was this reposted with edits? Why was it reposted at all? Were you hoping to garner sympathy for your issue with this company by doing so? All you did was make you look like you are hiding something. I don't mean to be mean, but there it is. Rob and Mad give great advice.
Posted by moneybags on 2008-07-08:
Contact the Real Estate Commission for your state with your complaints. And how long was the lease for? Very simple solution....look for a new house and MOVE. Be sure it's at the end of the lease and give the REQUIRED written notice. CHECK YOUR LEASE TO FIND OUT HOW LONG A NOTICE IS REQUIRED. Could be 30 days or 60 days. Without written notice, they can keep your security deposit. Yes, I'm a Certified Apartment Manager and a Realtor.

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