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Review by Starlord on 2008-07-08
OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON -- We are moving to Washington as soon as we can sell off a bunch of our stuff and our mobile home and lot. While we were there, we joined America's Credit Union. We used to be with Wells Fargo, but someone got hold of my wife's debit card number and put us $1,500.00 in the red. Wells Fargo would not do anything about it becasue they claimed the perp had the wife's PIN. I don't even know her PIN. We finally got everything straightened out. (BTW, a TV station in Tucson did a story about this time on a WF branch in Tucson that just dumped all the records in a dumpster outside, unsecured and unshredded..) We have been with Compass Bank, and they have been good to us, but it looks like America's CU will be better. The lady who opened our accounts sent us a nice card, welcoming us to the America's family. I never had that happen anywhere else. They are great people to deal with.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-07-08:
i have never had any issues with bank of america. i feel credit unions are for people who dis-like corperate america!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-08:
Im a fan of credit unions.i could never go back to a "bank".

Posted by MRM on 2008-07-08:
The only disadvanatage of credit unions is that the ATM are not all over the place.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-08:
Steve, Best Answer. Sorry Madconsumer we almost always see eye to eye but we have been with a credit union for over 20 years and you just can't beat the personal service. I had one of the first BankAmericard's (remember those) so I have nothing against banks, credit unions are just better in my book. We never have a hold placed on a deposit. If you want to buy a car you just go to a partner dealership and pick out the car and drive away, they take care of all the paper work. (you of course have to get a pre-auth before walking into the dealership though)

You can now make deposits and withdrawls at other than your own credit union. Plus if you make an ATM withdrawl at a credit union there is almost never a fee.
Posted by MRM on 2008-07-08:
Superbowl, great information you have just provided.
Posted by D on 2008-07-08:
It's amazing how the attitude is at my CU compared to the Independent Bank I used to use...
The tellers are actually happy to see you and the service is prompt, pleasant and accurate.
The rates for savings accounts are much higher than the local bank chains and the debit card works everywhere..
My Credit union, "Lake Huron CU" is a great place to do business..!!
Posted by Nohandle on 2008-07-08:
Nice review Starlord. I deal with two credit unions and one locally owned bank. I like to spread out my pennies. There is nothing like personalized service. Forget the "chain" banks. You are nothing but a number. One credit union has two branches, the other just the main branch and the bank only one location. You know what? That doesn't bother me at all. The service I receive and dealing with employees who actually knows my name is worth the little bit of inconvenience of not having a branch on every block. Their interest rates far exceed what you will receive elsewhere, they appreciate your business and show it.
Posted by Arlene on 2008-07-08:
Hey, NH!!

We opened the account in Washington and already have the paperwork in to redirect the direct deposits. We're hoping to be up North very soon. I have an ad in the paper for the mobile home and lot and we're having a big moving sale this weekend, and maybe again the next two weekends in a row....we'll see how much is left after this one.

Got my change for the sale and have the lion's share put in a safe place....just having a few bucks out at a time.
I have boxes stacked here and there all packed and sealed for the trip, might not need the higher sides on the trailer after all, but we'll see...we're trying to get rid of everything we can.

The dogs did great on the trip up and back, and we have Ignatz back home again, next trip we are driving, for sure, gotta have the scooters and the truck up North! The dogs were well received at the airport and on the plane, all the attendants had to come see them and say hi.

Hope to be able to post more that we are "home" again, but Washington will be our permanent HOME....can't wait to get back!

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