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Review by DAN4554 on 2008-07-09
TROY, MICHIGAN -- My daughter went into this dealership to lease a vehicle. After repeated visits to the dealership she decided on the model and asked me to join her at the dealership during the purchase transaction. A price was agreed upon and the sales person "asked his manager" for approval. My daughter signed her name to seal the deal. The salesman went into the finance office, came back and stated that the man needed to talk to her. She thought this might be a problem due to her credit rating. During her college years, her jobs were intermittent. Her credit was bad. The finance man came in, explained the situation and asked if I would co-sign for her. I agreed.

The salesman asked me for a check for $650.00 so he could order the car from another dealership so it would be delivered tomorrow. I wrote the check, handed it to the salesman who handed it to the finance guy. We were told that my daughter would receive a call the next morning to pick up the vehicle. The next morning, afternoon and into the late afternoon we had not received a call from the salesman saying we could pick up the car. We had left TWO messages on his voicemail and even paged him. He said that the finance guy was busy. When my daughter finally got the call from the finance guy at 4:00pm he said that Nissan would not lease to her even with my credit, not because I did not have excellent credit, but because she was on the lease????? I called him back to confirm this conversation. He said "yes" that was exactly the case! Fine! He mentioned something about buying the car. I told him NO, stated the deal was off and then told him I will be over to collect my $650.00 check. He told me that would be a problem as he deposited my check. WAIT A knew this account had a problem from the minute you received it, yet you took MY check and deposited it? IS THAT RIGHT? Why wouldn't you hold it?

I told him I expected a check when I came in. He said he wouldn't be able to produce one. I don't know what kind of business ethics Nissan has or is this the policy of the Suburban Dealerships? I was pretty upset! I asked the receptionist to talk to the manager. He wasn't in. I called my bank and put a STOP PAYMENT on my check. It cost $25.00. I expect reimbursement from Nissan for the $25.00 cost. If I hadn't put the stop payment on it, who knows when I would have gotten my money back?

This is one shady dealership. I have learned a valuable lesson though, buy American!
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-07-10:
When you give someone a check you can expect it to be deposited. If they don't do that, it's just a piece of paper.

Fortunately, you were able to stop payment on it. But you think "buying American" is the answer to all your car dealership problems, spend an hour here reading all the car dealership reviews.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-10:
Sounds like a shady dealership, but the "buy American" credo is silly. What does that have to do with anything since it is an American dealership and you were dealing with Americans. The huge dealership I bought my Toyota from also has franchises that sell Fords and Chevys, too.

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