Rogers Auto Group Complaint - False Pretense

Review by Anonymous on 2003-11-20
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I am so upset with this company! They lure people in with false pretense! They make you think that your trade in will be in the paper work but theres a lot of people like myself who are naive about car uying I thought my trade in was in the paper work they took my trade in made it look like if it was and it wasn't! They kept my trade in for about a month and a half I gave them the keys and everything the sales guy told me to take everything out of the trade in and that they should be sending in a payoff to the finance company but a month later who calls me the finance co. Stating there was no pay off! That I was responsible so I went back to the dealer and they just looked at me like if I was so stupid and told me that there was a mis communication can you believe this so they told me straight to my face that it was my problem and sorry for the mis communication! Is this how they handle there business with bad sales people who doesn't know what there dong and general managers who are rude and doesn't care about nobodys feeling's just like the general manager told me tuff now you have two car payments!
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Posted by dvsmadcow on 2004-02-19:
I'm sorry that you got screwed, but it's your fault for not reading everything BEFORE signing the contract. Chalk this one up for experience!
Posted by wurmz on 2010-03-18:
SO "discloser" doesn't mean anything anymore I bet she asked since she trusted them to know what they were doing. YOu must have MADCOW cuz your talking out you assets because it is not her fault..ppft experience lazyness on their part!!!
Posted by CUFlipSide on 2010-03-18:
I don't think "discloser" ever meant anything.
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-03-18:
Hold on, they kept your car and didn't pay it off, claiming then it was still your car? What were they doing with it? Consignment? There really was some miscommunication here. What did they specifically say they were doing with your old car to you?
Posted by momsey on 2010-03-18:
Um, this review is from over SIX years ago. Wonder what happened?

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