Evia Motors Inc Complaint - Poor Business Practices

Review by miljohnj5 on 2008-07-16
After over 2 years of service this shop now decides to make me pay for an outrageous bill.

Mistake #1- I always gave this repair shop a total dollar amount that I was willing to pay up front. This time I only told them the things I needed repaired.

Mistake #2- Given their 'decent' but never stellar past record after 2 years, I trusted them.

Mistake #3- I did not seek anything in writing because of Mistake # 2.

I told them my complete situation. I'm leaving town with it cross-country for graduate school and I wanted these repairs to help secure a safe trip and as preventative maintenance since I have the money from my school loan. Snake-in-the-grass Translation; It's the last time I'll be there. I need the repairs done because I have to have my car, plus I have the money ready on hand.

Situation- I received their agreement to replace my belts, timing chain and to check the ball joints and control arms- all assuming I'd get a quote. I dropped my car off a week ago so they could work on it the next day/Mon and be done by Tues as agreed.

-I called Tuesday last week and they said they were waiting for parts which would be in Wed.- so it would be finished Thurs. and "...the car's apart and taking up space...".

-I called Thurs. and they said still awaiting parts but it "it looks like it'll be finished Mon".

-I called Monday, they still weren't finished but "Tues. it'll be done". I won't even give the quote as of Mon., it's astronomical.

-I called yesterday, the "car's together now and will be finished Wed."/today.

-I called today/Wed. and I was told "it won't be finished until tomorrow" because they are now replacing a part I never asked to be repaired.

Lesson #1- Don't trust this shop for a square deal.

Lesson #2- If you find a shop you think you can trust, trust the indie in the shop and not the shop itself.

Lesson #3- Get it in writing and/or tell them your total dollar amount you're willing to pay. That way, you can also prioritize a list.

Bottom Line- I am a very patient person.

I have stood by while they have continued to charge me ever increasing rates for their own incompetency. Apparently, they have perceived my patience as weakness and have blatently exploited my trust to their own advantage.
Company Response on 11/16/2009:
What this young man didn't share was the fact that his Mercedes Benz is over 20 years old. Once you start doing a major engine repair and start taking things appart you are very likely to find other issues. The availability of parts for a twenty year old vehicle is often an issue but when you add the fact that this is an Old Mercedes Benz you have now narrowed the availability of getting parts quickly. Oh yes and by the way "I want you to do this major repair the week before I leave on a cross country trip to go to college". A little planning would have gone a long way here. The real issue was the fact his trip was delayed a week not the repair we did. Please grow up and stop spreading false statements. You are not driving a Chevy. This is an old Mercedes that is more expensive to maintain than most cars. You were not taken advantage of, you were just suprised by reality. I'm sorry you were not happy but next time please notify the next repair shop that you have a dollar limit you want to spend so they can prioritize the repairs that need to be made. We do this all the time and it works out very well.

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