Palmetto Company Real Estate Complaint - Poor Client Service

Review by lessonlearned08 on 2008-07-18
GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I was in a contract to purchase a home with a USDA loan and in the contract $6500 incentives was included and we were using some of the incentive money to purchase a refridgerator. The loan was denied to us therefore the contract is no longer valid. Before knowing the loan was approved an inspection of the property was performed and $500 earnest money was placed into escrow. After learning about the denial of the loan my real estate agent released me from my obligations to her and inquired about the earnest money. I stated it would be used for the home inspection to settle the bill, and after paying that bill $50-75 would be left and returned to me.

But the broker states that NO that she knows that we can get another loan and we need to get another loan and we need to learn a life lesson and purchasing a home is not a game and she will teach us a life lesson. She goes further to tell us how elementary this was and how we have no clue what we are doing nor did the lender, whom is a family member. She continues to be very condescending and addresses me as if I were a child and loses all professionalism. I stated is this about the refridgerator because if so we could pay for it with no problem. She continues to over talk me about teaching us a life lesson. I asked her could she return the product. She states NO!! They do not do returns. I asked could we have the name of the manufacturer to call and inquire for ourselves.

With hesitation she states a name, Crawford. I have not been able to find this company. I then tell her if this is about the refridgerator and not the sale we have no problem purchasing the refridgerator. I told her I will need the amount and the receipts so I can pay the true price of the refridgerator. She is very irritated at this point and says she will draw up a separate contract and I state ok and try to continue talking and she hangs up on me. Later in the week she talks to my husband who is not on the contract and had no rights to any information about the situation nor she she have disclosed any information to him that she will be keeping the $500 and the refridgerator and they were involved in a heated dispute as well as she belittles us and tells us how it is a privilege that she is even speaking to us. She still will not release us from the contract although we no longer have a valid contract and now we or in the process of mediation and possible court hearing.
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Posted by moneybags on 2008-07-18:
If the offer was contingent on financing, you should receive the earnest money back. I'm a realtor. I NEVER go into a contract till my clients have preapproval or proof of funds. Then the inspection is done.

Contact the Real Estate Commission and file a complaint.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-18:
Wow! The attitude of the involved realtor is a lot like a mugger teaching his victim a lesson about life. The condescending attitude is part of the intimidate you and make you feel too foolish to pursue a complaint. It's sad, but with real estate in a slump, more than a few realtors are resorting to these kinds of tactics. As moneybags points out, your key is if the offer was contingent on financing. If not, you have little recourse beyond asserting 'enticement' by the realtor. You might also contact the consumer protection division of your state attorney general. If you have access to a legal aid clinic, take the issue there. My sympathies!

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