Coggin Nissan Complaint - Car fraud

Review by Anonymous on 2003-11-24
I had recently purchased a 1999 Nissan Sentra at Coggin Nissan in Jacksonville, Florida. When purchasing the vehicle, the staff was very helpful. I filled out all the necessary paperwork for purchasing a vehicle and finally I drive the car home. The bad news is there were a few problems that needed to be worked on. Such as the automatic distance locks were defective, the trunk lock was broken, there was no trunk light and the cruise control works one minute and then it doesn't work for some unknown reason. A few days later I returned to Coggin Nissan to ask questions about the car and explain the current problems I am facing with this new car. They didn't want to help me. After spending all that money on the vehicle, they didn't seem to really care about the current problems with the car. After paying all that money for a car it is very disappointing that the fact that they sold me the car with it not being in perfect condition and expecting me to pay about $200.00 more for something that wasn't even my faught. They knew about these problems and they tried to hide them from me thinking that I would not find out. Well, I found out and due to your company's neglect, I will never buy another car from you again. I hope you are ashamed of yourself! You are lying to people and cheating people big time! What kind of service is that?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-24:
I am sorry you have had this disappointment. Alow me to point out, however, that it is unreasonable at best to expect a "perfect" five year old used car. In most states, the dealer is only obligated to warranty operational equipment, i.e. the engine, transmission, etc.; and safety equipment: a rear view mirror is safety equipment; remote door locks are not. This is the purpose of looking at and test driving a used car before purchase. Try out EVERYTHING. If something is not working, use it in the negotiation. Too, most reputable dealers will work with you on items brought to their attention soon after the sale. They will fix small items for no charge, and usually steeply discount other repairs, but not do them for free. Unless the dealer misrepresented something, in which case you have recourse to motor vehicle departments and BBB's, then you have failed in a purchaser's obligation of due diligence in examining the car.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-03-17:
good post bil2054
Posted by DaRams002 on 2004-07-21:
I can side with you. I bought a 98 Mercury Sable from Coggin on Atlantic. We checked the car, and the brakes pulsated. They told us it would just need new pad and they would install them. We picked it up the next day and a few days later it was doing the same thing. We took it back to them, and they pretty much said tought luck. Come to find out it need a whole new breaking system, which cost us 1,300.00.
Posted by 3addisons on 2005-01-31:
I expierenced a similar situation. My husband and I bought a 2002 Nissan Xterra from Coggin in October 2001. They played hardball with us and finally when we came to an agreement we signed the papers and were shuffled out the door to our new car. A couple days later we were called (We lived 30+ mins aways in St. Mary's) and told our loan had not been approved and we needed to come back. Meanwhile I had already returned once becuase the truck turn signals had mysteriously stopped working the FIRST day we had the truck (and they acted like I had something to do with it). So we get there and they told us EVERYTHING WAS THE SAME they just went with a different lender. Well things were alot different. We had signed up for the extended warranty. The second time around when we signed the papers we did not realize and were not told we wouldn't have the warranty. We found out two years later when we tried to use the warranty. I was furious and called Coggin. Needless to say they were less than helpful and I am in the process of building a case against them. I would like to see the franchise be taken away. They are shady characters who have no business selling to anyone!

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