correctional billing... i work in the call center/ Informative - i work for cbs

Review by Anonymous on 2003-11-23
UKNOWN, ALASKA -- hello all.. i work in the call center for correctional billing.. lol i think its funny how many ppl really dis us... i think you should actually think what we do for you... we placed phones in the jails for you to interact with your loved ones and yet whenever you have a a problem you call us up and just freak out.... i think i get 19 rude customers every 3 hrs... you know what i like to do.. make there lives worse... you dont understand that we have control not you... so next time you call us up the nicer you are the better service you will get!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-02:
Oh... so you are one of the rude contemptous individuals who are incapable of answering simple customer service related questions! You expect people to be pleasant to you... try being pleasant yourself. Don't act like you're doing anyone a favor... the service you provide... can be provided by any number of phone companies, and your job... is a dime a dozen. Welcome to the real world of customer service, if you can't handle it... tis time to move on.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-23:
Hey Spider. If you don't like their service why don't you go to the pay phone down the block. Oh, wait. YOU CAN'T. Sucks that you didn't think of that before.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-09:
i work for cbs.having a phone in jail is a privilage not a right. if you are in jail it is a punishment! deal with and live with the outcome
Posted by pussybaeter on 2004-02-10:
You know it's pieces of excrement like you that makes me have so little faih in humanity.I wish You had a loved one behind bars and was unable to contact them. I work for the phone company and could never think of telling a customer that they need me more than I need them. That is so shameful, search inside of you and wonder why those that call are upset, could it be tht they are distraught over not being able to talk to their loved ones. Yes, jail is a punishment but don't you dare tell me that phones are a priveledge and so is the services cbs provides. What cbs is just one of many parasitic companies that unfortunately no one has really challenged and therefore cbs goes on ripping people off and hiring dungheaps like you
Posted by MissMyHoney on 2004-06-10:
You're kidding, right? Is this really about control? You should be ashamed! Do NOT assume that because you hold the power that that makes you a better person. It sucks that you get screamed at all day long, but that is not anyone's fault except the company that you work for. They use you customer service reps as a shield to reflect the bullets coming at them because they are lining their pockets with the hard earned money stolen from the loving families and friends of inmates. A few are getting rich and the undereducated blue collar workers are being pitted against the angry mobs that are tired of being majorly ripped off and are bent over backward because they cannot bear to not be the lifeline that their loved one needs so desperately! It disgusts me that CBS execs have created a system where their profit margin is at least 400% and the driving guarantee of continued business is manipulation of the emotions of those who are down and out and dealing with the hardest struggle of their lives. Could there be a more sadistic way to do "business"? Unfortunately for you, you are supressed enough in life that you have to work for an immoral and unethical company such as this due to your lack of a college education, and because you have to listen to the frustrations of others all day long, you have become jaded enough to not be able to empathize with the raw emotion of your customer, and rather have somehow started to justify in your mind that the corporate greed which is so apparent here is in the right and that the kids that NEED to speak to their dad's who are in jail so badly just to know they are loved are somehow in the wrong or just a leftover scrap of society that is probably better off somehow due to that wonderful service you provide...hmmmphh, I mean, "Have control of". Wow, what has the human race become? Let's hope when life gets down on you, and it happens to all of us at some point, that you recall the "service" you have provided to others, and all your good deeds are returned to you.

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