Home Air Conditioning Informative - How To Check Your Home Air Conditioner And Save Money

Review by DigitalCommando on 2008-07-22
We are in the middle of summer so now is the time to check your air conditioners performance. Anybody can do it and it costs only a few dollars. Here's how: Go to any dollar store or hardware store and purchase 2 cheap glass thermometers. Tape 1 on the air conditioner unit's air return grill (where the filter is) tape the other thermometer on the farthest air duct register (vent). Turn your temperature down to 70 so it will run longer. After 1 hour, and while the air is running check each thermometer.

There should not be more than 20 degrees difference between the two. If not your good, if so you might need more freon and/or need to have the coils cleaned. Always ask the technician to clean your coils when they come (you will know if they did or not because the smell of the cleaning spray will come out of the vents). I recently had my coils cleaned and the tech threw down a 2 inch think blanket from the roof, I thought it was a filter. It was actually on my coils blocking the airflow and was a "filter" made of compacted dust and who knows what.

After removing the blockage and cleaning the coils, the air coming out of the vents increased dramatically and the house cooled down much quicker and the AC unit ran less. Give it a try.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2008-07-22:
Good tip DC. Speaking of dusty coils, changing/cleaning the filters frequently is critical too to keeping the unit running efficiently, and NEVER run a unit without a filter in place. The coils will need to be removed and acid washed if exposed to too much dirt and that's expensive on a central unit and virtually totals a window model.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-23:
Thanks for your advice. I'd still recommend having a tech to the checking and preventative maintenance. You also need to keep the compressor coils and vanes clean. Clear away any brush or vegetation growing near it. If the compressor is 15 years or older consider replacing it as older units can be expensive to fix.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-07-23:
Great tip DC! We actually just had our coils cleaned and had some freon put in yesterday. It looks like the previous owners haven't had this thing cleaned in years! As soon as they left both air conditioners (we have dual units one for up and one for down)are now running noticeably different.
Posted by D. on 2008-07-23:
It's always important to "Sweep the coils"...

Thanks DC!

You KNEW that one was coming, didn't you Slim? LOL!
Posted by Chris on 2008-07-23:
as always, this is a really good review...thanks for the info!
Posted by cherpep on 2008-07-23:
Great tips, DC!

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