Superior Coit Complaint - House fire flood who did I call for help?

Review by smoked on 2008-07-23
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- DON'T USE Superior/Coit Restoration ever! If your home floods or you have a fire Don't use them. I'm sorry if this has happened to you. This did to my family just after we got our first home. A fire late at night we were all at home all 7 of us and we all got out thank god. I called Superior Coit to come "HELP" If this is help then just kill me now! I had worked for Coit cleaning before Superior was part of them. I had friends that still worked for Coit and still do. Superior became part of Coit carpet cleaning just be fore I jumped ship.lol Got a better job. I called them thinking I have friends in the company should go good! NOT!! SuperiorCoit stole thing from us and our 5 kids and broke things that can't be replace ever. SuperiorCoit didn't clean and billed for work not done. Allstate tryed to help us but the fight was with us they said if SuperiorCoit didn't do something We hade to deal with it I had called them. But allstate has to pay them so you would think I would have gotten some helpLOL THANKS ALLSTATE:( SuperiorCoit stole from them to if you think about it! Billing for work not done!We still have soot in places in the house! SuperiorCoit uper mangers at first were willing to fix this but then came Larry aka the "BOSS" Then things got very rude over worded BS and not helpful at all! I told "The Boss" They didn't clean our things then they came back broken if they came back at all!!(Larry) "So Sorry Ill look in to this".. How do you Tell your 6 year old all her dolls are going to get fixed then they show up all broken sooty and cant be played with! Its not fun Ill tell you that. SuperiorCoit was the worst company ever to deal with. We lost our home and all our things just before X-mas. This was our first X-mas in our first home! SuperiorCoit said they would help fix what was left after the fire way take it if it cant be fixed? Just leave it here so we can deal with our loss but they did take it anyway. SuperiorCoit hired day workers off the "street" to clean our things. They are street people with no training in restoration and from what we were told by one of our friends on the inside no supervisor. They stole what they could carry out and didn't clean what they were to clean. We got boxes of soot covered things it smelled so bad we had to keep them all outside. I got lots of pics of this as well. We called SuperiorCoit and they came out. "I'M SORRY WE WILL FIX THIS A.S.A.P" never did! SuperiorCoit got a bigger job and told us cant make it out this mouth... We waited for 4 mouths for them to show up. We asked for help and this is what we got... RIPED OFF! Did the court thing and almost kick the "Boss" in the head That punk sat and lied his ass off. I would go to jail to see the punk cry. Big companys dont care about you or me its all about the money and how they can and will get it. Big job like a fire is hopfuly a one time thing so they dont care if your happy or not get the money and run off to the next one.I found this out the hard way. So I will keep telling this to all of you not to use them:) live and learn and tell all;) The world will only get better if we all help make it better companys like this need to be put under!
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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-07-23:
what exactly did they do or not do?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-23:
What is Superior Coit?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-23:
Is this the same Superior Coit you're referring to? -

smoked (01/08/2008)
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I worked for Coit for over 4 years. They push the guys to do more and more and sell you crap you dont need it only about the money!! and they dont pay them well. and if you are late to a stop you get yelled at in front of the staff or you get a sh!#y job the next day. Coit $uck$
Posted by smoked on 2008-10-03:
We are coming up on the two year date of our housefire:( We let CoitSuperior come in to our home to "FIX" what was left after the fire. I have said this before and Im here to keep this alive! DONT LET COITSUPERIOR IN YOUR HOME! COITSUPERIOR stole from our five kids and us. Coitsuperior lost things that cant be replaced broke more than was fixed. Coitsuperior didn't do what Coitsuperior was hired to do and billed for work never done in our home! Coitsuperior retuned boxes to our home full of soot from the fire and called them "clean" Maybe its clean soot.lol Then FORCED us to pay Coitsuperior $34819.20! Arbitration is a joke they work for them not you! Coitsuperior did over $15000.00 in monetary damages and more in emotional damage! after "arbitration" we were awarded $7000.00 in our damages WOW! What a joke and the little man Larry A.K.A the BOSS was a ahole the whole time we sat there! Mabe it was the statments from Coitsuperior employees on why Coitsuperior sucks! Maybe it was the fact that I was going to kick his butt for call me a liar when in fact larry didn't know what the hell was going on in our home with his people with our things! Larry just sat there and lied to the arbitration people! If you don't know make it up right Larry! Its all about the money not about the job you were hired to do or the people you were hired to help! We didn't take this all the way to court. we ran out of money time and needed to fix our house and repair things with our kids. This whole thing was getting to be to much for all of us. The hate email and threats from CoitSuperior were over the top for our family. Coitsuperior hurt my family more than the fire in our first home. We were willing to work with Coitsuperior to get this fixed on both sides and they did at first but in the end no! Coitsuperior only wanted money and that was the only thing. Its good to hear that most the good people I got to know that worked at coitsuperior have gone on to new jobs. I have seen them out and about they have told me bad things about Coitsuperior! Im sorry is what we hear a lot from them.(thank you) But the blame is all on upper managment at coitsuperior! They make the calls not the little guy. Coitsuperior hired the untrained and unqualified day laborers that stole from us and broke our things! Coitsuperior told the crew to just do a quick fast job so coitsuperior could get to the next job! So DONT USE THEM COITSUPERIOR! THEY SUCK THE MONEY OUT OF YOU AND THEY WILL STEAL FROM YOU ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!
Posted by jasono on 2010-08-27:
It's true. They tell you they will fix this and take care of that, clean the contaminated contents, blah, blah. Then when you sign the statement that you will pay for their services (regardless of insurance, etc. -- it's a formality), then the delays begin. They get really busy and bunch of jobs, blah, blah, and it's been 10 days since they got their signature before someone finally shows up to do about a 5 hour job. Then 10 more days before they schedule someone to come see if the job is complete or not. Many cancellations later and nobody ever showing up because they were busy.

A business is supposed to be busy. If not, a business fails. Being busy is the laziest excuse!

They sectioned off our kitchen and we have no way to cook and prepare food. They showed up July 19, it is now August 27 and they never did finish the job they said would do. Living for 5 weeks without a kitchen to take of a 5 hour job is totally not worth it.
I would have been better off not calling my insurance and doing the work myself much, much faster. I thought I was doing the right thing. Coit or Superior, or whoever they're calling themselves now, is definitely the WRONG THING to do.

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