US Government/Welfare/Child Support Enforcement Complaint - Government At It Again!!!

Review by bugaboo1 on 2008-07-23
PALMYRA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I rec'd a letter in the mail yesterday from the Dept. of Child Support Enforcement letting me know that I now have to pay an annual fee of $25 to have my child support collected/disbursed. I called them and they said it was a federal law that just went into effect. Anyone that receives more than 2K in support in a year has to pay it for administrative costs. Isn't that what my tax money already goes for? Oh yeah, if I rec'd public assistance then I don't have to pay it. What a crock!!!! It will come directly out of my child's support payment. That is not what this money is for, to pay administrative costs. I choose to go to work every day to support my son, I didn't choose to get food stamps, public assistance, although it would be very easy to do. So the way I figure it, if you get roughly $38.46 or more per week in support (doesn't matter how many kids this is supporting) you have to pay it. If you have more than 1 case (I don't) open, then each case is charged $25.00. I am so furious just on the principle of this that I could strangle someone!!! How the hell did they sneak this one by? I have already contacted my US rep, local rep and local news stations. We will see.

I wish the fricken government could be sued. Please call the Bureau of Child Support and complain if you see fit: 800-932-0211
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Posted by DBone on 2008-07-23:
As a tax payer I dont want to pay somebody to handle your payments. Why should I PAY for somebody to handle YOUR payments. I think they should charge more.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-23:
Why should MY tax dollars go to pay for your child support administrative fees. You want to talk about a crock? I dont want to pay to have your payments processed!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-23:
The OP is complaining about the US Govt. But the phone number is for the State of Pennsylvania. You have a right to sue the government. But be prepared to be even more miserable.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-07-23:
I thought child support was for the children, not the administrative staff at the office for support. I don't know what's worse taking money for the support of children or my tax dollars paying the administrative fees to collect it. Either way I don't think that the children should be receiving less money, that 25.00 could buy diapers, food, clothing, and needed medical care because they want more money. The only person who should pay for the administrative fees is the person being garnished for support.
Posted by cherpep on 2008-07-23:
That's exactly what I was thinking Princi. Why aren't they charging the person they are collecting the money from? If they failed in providing the support and therefore needed a third-party intervention, they should be the one to pay those administrative costs.
Posted by RAMR on 2008-07-23:
God ... those services are outrageous and another example of the government / legal system charging taxpayers twice for the services that the tax dollars pay.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-23:
Don't they pay these people a salary for handling the money? Why the surcharge on people who are already struggling! I just shake my head. Our government sure isn't for the people by the people. It's screw the people any way we can.
Posted by Nohandle on 2008-07-23:
If a parent paid child support directly to the parent raising the child/children there would be no need for the government to get involved. Too many refuse to make the payments and then wages are garnisheed if the parent can be located. Is the employer, who is required by law to withhold a percentage or flat rate from an employee's wage, paid an administrative fee? Not a penny, I can assure you. An employer is also required to report each "new hire" in my state. Why? Among other reasons to track down deadbeat parents so those garnishments can start again. Is an administrative fee paid? Sorry, I'm laughing too hard at the absurdity.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-24:
Handle, I agree. Why do honest, hard working taxpayers have to pay for everyone else's bullpoopie? If you bring a kid into this world, it is your right to support the kid properly. I wouldn't treat my neighbor's barking flea bitten obnoxious dog the way some people disregard their kids.
Posted by vivalarizistance on 2009-08-20:
im in michigan had custody of my children for a bout a year from a divorce im the father and got the state government to close my childsupport case that i never owed and they did close it just for the city government to reinstate in and start it back from 0.00 and let it start to grow again.

How should i be forced to pay child support on kids that im phisically raising? Thats why we should start a revolution they work for us not against us
Posted by D. on 2009-08-26:
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