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Review by Anonymous on 2003-11-25
DALLAS, TEXAS -- wish to express my deep dissatisfaction with the way the personnel at the Car-Toys' 6306 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX store have treated me.
On Monday, November 10, 2003 I called the above referenced store to get pricing for adding a remote starter to the Clifford alarm system I had purchased from Car Toys in April of 2002. I spoke to a man who identified himself as Travis. I asked for pricing and installation of the system. After being put on hold for a while, I was told the equipment would cost $160. I verified this information by asking, "Is that 1-1-6 or is that 1-6-0?" Travis said it was 1-6-0. I then set up an appointment to have the work done on Wednesday, November 12th at 10 A.M. I asked Travis if I should ask for him when I arrived on Wednesday, he indicated that it would not matter.
On November 12th I arrived on time at the Greenville facility. I stated the purpose of my arrival. I was told two things. Travis was not there and the verbal quote Travis gave me was not valid. I was told it would cost over $200 for the equipment and installation. I said that was unacceptable. I then spoke to Scotty Stafford, the store manager, and was told he would sell the equipment and install it for $185.43. I was not happy, but I agreed to the price.
After waiting on the installation for over an hour, I was finally told the equipment Car-Toys sold to me was not the correct piece needed. This seemed odd to me as the sales person had taken the piece back to the installer prior to ringing up the bill. I can only assume he was verifying the equipment was correct for my Dodge Stratus 2001 SE.
Then, I was told I would need an $85 upgrade. I was told I had two choices. I could go for the upgrade, or I could purchase another alarm system that already had the remote starter included. I was asked which option I wanted. I informed Scotty Stafford that I was very unhappy with the way the entire matter was being handled.
At that point, Mr. Stafford informed me that they would be willing to put the upgrade in my car at no additional charge to me. However, they did not have the proper equipment on site. I was told they would need to pick up the equipment from another location during lunch on Thursday, November 13th and I would have to make another trip to the Car-Toys store to have it installed. I asked how long it would take to install. I was told that since the wiring was installed, it should only take about 30 to 40 minutes to install the equipment. It was agreed that I would return at 5:30 P.M. on Thursday, November 13th for the installation.
During the afternoon of November 13th I began to doubt if the equipment was actually picked up. Therefore, I called the Greenville store to inquire about the issue. Mr. Stafford informed me that the trip had not been made yet to pick up the equipment. He said a man by the name of Richard would leave in about 20 minutes to pick it up. I then said that I wanted someone to call me to confirm the equipment had been delivered. At approximately 2:57 P.M. Richard called me to report he had, in his words, "gone all the way to Carrollton" and then found out they did not have the equipment. Richard went on to say the part was somewhere in the Carolinas and would be shipped in to arrive Monday, November 17th. I voiced my disappointment and then was told Richard would set up a 5:30 P.M. appointment for me on November 17th to install the part.
On Monday, November 17th we had terrible rainstorms. I again had a feeling all was not going as promised. I called the store and Jason answered the phone. I asked to speak to Mr. Stafford and was told he had Mondays off. Jason asked what I was calling about and then informed me that he was unaware of any deliveries. I then asked to speak to Richard. Richard's comment was that the part had not arrived and he had no idea what had happened.
I then stated that I was very unhappy. I said I would have been extremely unhappy if I had made a special trip to Car-Toys that evening in the driving rainstorms only to then find out the part was not there. Richard did not make a response other than to indicate the part should arrive the next day, Tuesday, November 18th.
By the afternoon of November 18th, no one had called me to confirm the remote starter had arrived. I called the Car-Toys location and spoke to Scotty Stafford and asked if the part was in. I had to phrase my question three different ways before Mr. Stafford finally admitted the part was not physically at his store but would be there by 5:30 PM that evening. I requested that someone call me to confirm the part arrived. I was finally notified that part had arrived. I asked if someone would be at the facility to install the part and Jason told me there would be an installer available.
I made the trip to Car-Toys on the evening of November 18th and arrived at the store slightly before 5:30 PM. After I arrived, I was informed that instead of the 30-40 minutes installation time I had been previously given, it would instead take 2 hours to install the equipment. I could not believe the time difference - this was more time than I was quoted to have the wiring and equipment installed on my initial visit of November 10th. Since I brought several books with me to the store, I said I'd wait in their waiting area.
After about half and hour, Scotty Stafford came into the waiting area. He informed me that the installer on duty that evening could not do the work. The installer who could do the work was at home and could not come in, as he did not have a car. I then demanded my money to be refunded.
I brought the situation to the attention of the Car-Toys' corporate offices via their website. When 48 hours had passed without a response, I called the consumer services phone number listed on their website. I was informed I would need to discuss the matter with Mr. Matt Everheart, a member of the Car-Toys' Dallas area management team. I called the local Car-Toys' Dallas offices and was informed by his assistant, Jennifer Thompson, that Mr. Everheart was not in the office. Ms. Thompson said she would take my information and ask Mr. Everheart to contact me.
Mr. Everheart returned my call but did not seem to care about the matter. Everyone that I have dealt with thus far, with the exception of Ms. Thompson, has seemed to have a very cavalier attitude towards this whole situation. I am perturbed by the way Car-Toys handled this whole situation for the following reasons:
1. I feel that when either a verbal or written quote is given by a business the business should honor the quote.
2. Every time I spoke to the people at Car-Toys I was given conflicting information. This ranged from pricing, installation time, installer availability, etc.
3. No one at Car-Toys has appeared to care how consumers are treated.
I find this treatment of a consumer to be totally unacceptable. I feel I have been polite and calm when dealing with the Car-Toys personnel. However, I am beginning to believe that Mr. Stafford began to have second thoughts after he took my payment of $184.43. It almost seems like he did everything humanly possible to make me demand my money to be refunded so that he did not have to honor the $184.43 price - even though this was $24.43 higher than the price originally quoted to me.

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