AKA World Auto Parts, Elec. Brake Control Module Direct Div., AMERICOREAUTO, ET Complaint - UPDATE NOVEMBER 14. 2008 AMERICOREAUTO

Review by rippedinoc on 2008-07-24

world auto parts' new name is: americoreauto. Their website is americoreauto.com and their e-mail address is customservice@americoreauto.com.

This is just another name change among a laundry list of others.

The name is different but it's the same telephone room junk yard auto parts reselling operation.

They have SCAMMED HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE for an estimated total amount exceeding a MILLION DOLLARS plus.

My status since SEPTEMBER 11, 2007 is the same. I am a SCAM VICTIM just like HUNDREDS OF OTHER PEOPLE.

My last go around was this month, NOVEMBER 2008, when a phone room sales jockey named "mike googe" contacted me via an e-mail and wrote: "REPAIR OR REPLACE WARRANTY". There was no other information or explanation.

So, I e-mailed back sure, after over a year, go ahead and rebuild the engine, however, I stipulated because this mess is all their fault that they pay the shipping up and back as well as rebuilding the engine.

As an alternative suggestion I offered a CASH OUT option. They pay us $7,000 which is the California Small Claims Court maximum suit amount. The original cost of the engine was $3,650, which we paid in cash.

To this date they have not returned the e-mail with a decision one way or another. Besides being the lowliest of scammers and crooks each and every one of them is a coward.

As stated, we initially paid $3,650 in CASH! Additionally we have paid for three mechanics to analyze the junk engine. Each of them personally stated that the engine is a piece of junk and didn't deserve even be shipped in the first place.

Also I have not had the use of my 325IC BMW convertible for over a year. I need and used this car in my daily business.

When my car was parked at one of the mechanics shops someone vandalized my car by "keying" it with a deep scratch in the paint from the back fender all the way to the front fender. And along the way the vandal also took the time to scratch his name in the paint of my car. This is another expense and hassle that would not have occurred had it not been for these crooks.

We have lost and been scammed for our money, have been tremendously inconvenienced and gone through a great deal of irritation. We deserve the engine being rebuilt and them paying for shipping up and back. This entire mess is their doing. Or they can cash us out for $7,000. We deserve much more for the irritation and aggravation not to mention the hard money actual costs.

Have you been SCAMMED? Send me your story and details of how and when you were scammed.

There are things in motion. Things you might want to know. Maybe we can all team up in a giant CIVIL LAW SUIT and sue them for MILLION$ while simultaneously closing them up forever and putting each and every one of these slimy scammers in prison where they belong.

Sound good? Sure it does!!!

Contact me.

Sincerely and best wishes,

Orange County, California

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