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Review by SoakedInReno on 2008-07-26
SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- In August, 2007, I purchased a 2000 Porsche Boxster during Reno's famous Hot August Nights from Silver Auctions of Spokane, Washington.

The trouble started as soon as I drove the car home from the auction site, a whopping twelve miles. To make a long story short, over the next two weeks the local Porsche dealer, and another independent shop both evaluated the car and found a host of problems including oil in the cooling system and coolant in the engine oil, swollen hoses from the long-term crossover, and oil leaks. Both estimated repairs from $5,000 to $15,000 (depending on the exact cause found upon repair), for a car I had just bought for over $20,000!

The second mechanic told me that the car had every symptom of having been through a flood, and was certainly delivered in defective condition. They even found a large water-logged paint brush wedged in the spoiler compartment of the rear wing, along with silt and debris (twigs, leaves, etc.) in the rear compartment and in the trunk liners which were soaked.

Silver Auctions was contacted and updated from the start, and assured me that they would work to get the situation resolved, although now eleven months have passed and I still have this inoperable car sitting in my garage covered with dust. Even though the bidding contract specifically states that the buyer is protected against exactly this kind of thing, they have done little to resolve the case. I am just sitting here with a piece of junk in the garage, with a pre-auction inspection report stating that the car is in excellent condition.

I purchased this car in good faith. I relied on the cars presented at the auction being in good condition unless stated otherwise, with no undisclosed defects, and believed that buyers were protected by Silver Auction's bidding contract. The Vehicle Inspection Form provided to me after the sale has half the sections left blank, and the Vehicle Description Sheet posted with the car at the auction has all areas marked as “Excellent”, which is far from being an accurate or truthful description. I retained an attorney several months ago, letters have been exchanged, and almost a year has passed with Silver Auctions refusing to take responsibility and honor their Bidding Contract.

Hot August Nights is a great event. It's great for car enthusiasts and great for Reno. But it's just not right for this company to come into our town and unload poorly inspected, misrepresented, problem vehicles on unsuspecting buyers, and make lots of money doing it.

If posting this situation can keep this from happening to even one person this year, then we can at least feel a little bit better. Please - Buyers Beware. If you are considering purchasing a car at auction, have a mechanic you know and trust go over every inch of the car before you buy.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-26:
Nice ride! I remember looking at a car just like this on a lot in New Orleans. Before I could seal the deal we had to leave in a hurry because a huge hurricane was coming in.
It was over a year before we...... could..... ummmmm....WAIT A MINUTE!
I wonder if we're talking about the same ride? :)
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-07-26:
You have an attorney and its been several months? Sounds like you not only have a defective vehicle but also a defective attorney.
Posted by august on 2008-10-27:
I just found this website because I was looking at buying a car & because I live in Spokane where Silver Auctions is located on Monroe Street. However like "Boxer", I have been ripped off in the past, and "Thanx" Silver Auction just lost the sale of a Bentley. It's one thing to make an error when selling items, whatever they be, it is another not to reply to a complaint in a timely manner. "Thanx" "Boxer" I was thinking of cash and spending thousands....not anymore!!!

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