Lily Cares Informative - Problems With The Patient

Review by hbh1987 on 2008-07-26
CENTERVILLE, VIRGINIA -- I had sent in an application for the patient assistance program for Humulin R and waited four weeks (like it requested that I do) before calling to check on my application status. I called the company and was told the coupon for my medication was sent out on June 5 2008 and that I should receive it within a week. I waited a week and did not receive the coupon so I called the company back and was told that the coupon had been sent out and just to wait for it. Another week goes by and still the coupon has not arrived. I call the company back again and ask what I should do about not receiving the coupon. I was told to take the phone number for their company to my pharmacy and have the pharmacy call and get the information needed to get my medication free. I go to my pharmacy the next day and have them call the company at which point the pharmacy is told that my coupon was never sent out and that my doctors name kept getting "kicked out" of the system. The pharmacy was told that since I needed the medication before the end of the week that the company would send it overnight to my doctors office and that I could pick it up the next day. The next day the doctors office had not received the medication and I called the company to find out why. I was told that the company had not sent it out until that day (and not the day before like it was supposed to) and that they did not overnight the medication and that I would receive it in 3-5 days. I call the doctors office the next day (Friday) and they still have not received my medication.

At this point I don't have enough medication to get through the weekend and am hard up for money to get another refill to last me until the shipment of my medication arrives. But I had sent the application in with enough medication and time to get me through (or so I thought) the time it was going to take to get the application accepted and get the coupon from the company.

I wait until the following Monday and call my doctors office and they still had not received my shipment of medication. On Tuesday it was the same. Finally on Wednesday they had gotten the medication at the doctors office. Along with my medication was a note saying that the company no longer sends coupons for the medications and that all medications will be shipped directly to the doctors office, effective June 16 2008... eleven days after my "coupon" was supposed to be sent in the mail.

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