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Review by SierraProfessor on 2008-07-26
Bought a KDL 46XBR4 high definition lcd television for nearly 3,000.00 US from SonyStyle.com. Easy ordering, fast delivery.

When others warn about bad customer service, please believe it. Worked for three, yes three, hours. Completely dark, power on, no picture. Tech guy (who came out two weeks after delivery of the set): Looks like you need three new circuit boards. But, bad news is no parts are available. You'd be better off returning it.

You'd think SonyStyle would like to make that right. Right? Wrong. Over a month now, and despite numerous phone calls, emails, promises, "sorry, sirs," and stonewalling, still no resolution. No return authorization. Since the "process" has now taken over 30 days, "Sorry, you are outside the 30-day return period." Unbelievable. Small claims, here I come?

So, a very expensive dust magnet sitting in my living room. Whatever you do, don't give away your old set. Keep it as a backup, if not you'll never hear the end of it from your family (who told you so)!
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Posted by SCRooster on 2008-10-02:
I purchased another Sony Product recently, a KDL32 Bravia. Within 30 days, a line of pixels went-out about 2/3rds of the way up the screen - and within 48 hrs everything below that line had a distored white cloud over the picture.

I called Sony, did the whole "power reboot" thing as instructed, but to no avail. So they immediately offered my choice of either an onsite service/repair or a new replacement.

Three days later I received the "new" replacement - but it was not new. It was refurbished and it was/is a mess. A huge hunk has been knocked-out of the case/frame of the tv on the lower left part of the speaker, (and had been previously circled by someone to note the damage in silver paint of some sort). In addition, their are wear marks on the buttons, scratches on the screen and it hums like a trolling motor when it is powered-on. (Imagine a loud hummmmmmm whining while trying to watch your $800.00 TV ... and it never stops.)

I immediately called Sony about the used TV they sent to replace my brand new $800+ TV that I had owned for less than 30 days.

They told me tough luck. Basically told me to stick it where the sun doesn't shine and that since I didn't actually file the claim with the fax until the 32nd day after purchase, that they were not obligated to replace my TV with a new TV ... only a "refurbished" used model. And as far as appearance goes, or anything else goes, she asked me, "Does the TV we sent you work? Does it turn-on and have a picture?"

I answered, well, yes, but there is a scratch on the screen, it hums like a trolling motor and the case looks like it is ten years old and has been grinded with a sanding disc ..."

She cut me off and replied, "Then that is all we are obligated to do. I am sorry. You may write ..." and she gave me an Executive Review Committee address in Florida.

The bad thing is that this caused me to look at the reviews on the Internet and I was shocked to find all the complaints against what used to be the finest electronics manufacturer in the world in Sony. But I have discovered that these are now made in China, and things are no longer well with Sony quality - nor their customer service.

Unfortunately, I dropped over 5k cash with Best Buy on all Sony products on the same day including a 42" bravia, two DVDs, a Home Theater System, a Playstation for my son and the 32" bravia that promted all of this.

I will never ever purchase another Sony product again - and I was a lifelong customer having bought my first Japanese made Sony while stationed in Italy with the 509th Airborne Infantry Regiment in 1979.

I am very very disappointed. Sony is not what they used to be and they basically just took-me for a ride as far as I am concerned.

For anyone Googling Sony or the Bravia TVs, I highly recommend that you look elsewhere. Do not invest your hard earned money with a Sony product - you may regret it sooner than later based upon my experience and the experience of others which you will find doing a simple Google search.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-02:
The Sony Bravia TV's have turned out to be a real piece of junk for Sony. They have two re-calls going on them right now that we know of. Check out the Sony Bravia recalls, you may have a case for replacement or repair. Smart consumers seem to be staying clear of them right now until Sony gets it's house back in order.

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