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Review by Anonymous on 2003-11-26
Having just discovered my3cents.com, I can already appreciate the value of the Internet to give greater power to consumers. By uniting them in a common electronic forum to exchange ideas, suggestions and, perhaps, actions, we might even gain a hint of the collective influence we have over businesses and commerce of all types. It's important to have a way to communicate specific complaints to hopefully resolve specific problems, but it remains almost impossible to get the attention of "corporate giants" with an occasional "sting" from a dissatisfied consumer.

Maybe, some day, a specific policy or practice or service will be reviewed and attract the collective displeasure of many of us here. That might be the time to suggest an large number of complaints directed at the source (and made available to the media, of course) - stirring up the electronic "hornets' nest", if you will. If perception shapes reality, then awareness is our only defense.

Would anyone care to respond to this? Any complaints that could require a resounding "NO" from consumers out there? If so, then a electronic "Boston Tea Party" might be in the making. Please let me know - I'll report back with some suggestions I have as well as some that I receive.

I think that "Don't Tread On Me" should be a consumer's motto.

John Q.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-27:
The only problem is if the media takes any information supplied to them, they (the media) will take the information and twist it into THEIR reality...not the average joe consumer. The media is controlled by large corporations and no matter how much complaining a person or persons project to them, they will still twist it in favor of the corporations.
I'm all for your idea but ultimately being aware of what goes on in the real world and teaching it to youngsters instead of filling them with propaganda is the real tool.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-27:
Your feedback is appreciated. "Thekidzarealright" makes two very good points (if I may paraphase): ultimately, the media may manipulate whatever information or "revelations" are brought to their attention, and second, the enlightenment of our children (and the uninformed, in general) in the arts of deception is the greater goal. Let me suggest some ideas on these points. I don't believe that media manipulation in favor of the "corporate giants" is a given. News is what sells papers (or Neilsen percentage points). Most media have "consumer investigative" teams because this coverage attracts readers/viewers. A bit naive, no doubt, but I still see the potential for the media to devour the news of consumer ground swells of dissatisfaction. I also think that it is best to teach everyone to be an active participant because if you aren't an agent of change, you are a victim of change. Let me know what you think. Happy Thanksgiving all.

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