Lee Holding, Lee Toyota, Lee Auto Mall Complaint - Bought Car That Was Defective, It's Been In The Shop For 3 Months - They Can't Fix It And Now They Take My Loaner Car

Review by rippoffedbyleeholdingakaleetoyota on 2008-07-30
AUGUSTA, MAINE -- I bought my car in April of 2007. I know it's been over a year. I brought it in the day after I bought it as the check engine would blink every time my car would idle. They said put dry gas in it. It didn't work. The car had a 30 day warranty. I brought the car back as the problem wouldn't start and they said it was out of warranty. I got upset and they sent me to a different place 45 miles away (they owned) to get it fixed. I brought it there they replaced some coils etc and they gave me a loaner. They said it was fixed. I drove 45 miles to pick it up didn't even get it home and the check engine light started to blink and came on.

So I called them up made another appointment. Brought it in. No loaner this time, had to wait. I was told it was the computer and they'd order one. (Note this service dept has 1, yes 1 mechanic). The company is pretty large and each business has it's owner (one of the son's of the original owner) and there is a CEO etc.

So anyways the mechanic never calls me back. I wait 2 weeks call him back and he said he wrote down the wrong part number to bring it back... so I brought it back (this is now about Oct) and he writes down the part number.

I missed a few appointments because of storms (lot of snow in winters of Maine). I call him back and tell him look this has to be fixed I have to get my car inspected. So he makes an appt with me.

I go in and he doesn't have the computer he was supposed to order. He told me it was no longer under warranty and to get out.

I called his boss (manager in the city I now live in) and tell him what's going on. (I am now living in the same town where this mechanic works on cars). They decide to send me back to where I bought the car 45 miles away.

Well I did. And it's been there since early May. It's been over 2 months. They replaced the computer engine (didn't fix it). They cleaned carbon off the engine didn't fix the problem. They never ran any diagnostics, didn't call the ford hotline nor did they have any ford engineers come in and help them diagnose it. They can't figure out what is wrong with it and neither can a Ford dealership that they took it to.

First they wanted me to sell them the car for $1500 and eat the remaining amount I owed. Basically I owe 5500 and so they'd give me $1500 for the car, I'd still owe $4k. Then they wanted me to buy another car that they swore they would give me a good deal and take the price of the new car and add 4k to it. I told them no way. I wasn't stupid.

So they've been messing around and not doing much with it. The few times they said it was fixed, it wasn't. After 2 days they'd turn the car on, guess what check engine light came back on.

Now they say it's the motor. They want to put in a rebuilt engine from a junk yard. I said no way. It had a ford engine in it when I bought it, I want a ford engine in it now.

All I wanted in the beginning was to switch cars. I told them it wasn't inspectable and should never been inspected, they agree. I told them I am paying for a car I can't drive, they agree.

Now because I won't accept the used engine idea, they took away my loaner. I have no car to drive. They said it's because of lack of communication. Funny I just talked to them not more then 7 days ago. They said they tried calling me, I don't have any missed calls from them .

Now I am paying for a car, insuring it and I can't drive it, I have nothing to drive.

I hired a lawyer, and even tho it may cost as much if not more then what my car is worth at this point it's about principal. Every person in this company is a scam artist. They try to make like selling a car for $1500 and still paying off the 4k is a good deal.

Warning don't walk RUN from LEE TOYOTA of Topsham Westbrook Augusta Maine. If you hear the name Lee.. and it has to do with cars and they are in Maine, do yourself a favor and call charlies motor mall in Augusta instead. Excellent service excellent cars. (NO wonder Charlie's owns most of western avenue and these folks only owe 6 dealerships)

And to the owner, I don't care if you like how I talk. You are no better then I. Why not drive the Toyotas you sell instead of a BMW... Mr I'm spoiled by daddy and don't have a clue about the real world.

I will tell everyone and anyone about this company. (I just told the chairman of the board at a bank here in town). You think I have no connections? Wait til I tell all the companies they donate to. LOL they can give to a charity but can't fix my car. I'm in the process of writing these charities too.

Furthermore the owner was rude today and said that his employees didn't lie, they had been there 20 years. How funny is that when I've met a few of your "managers" who quit and went to work for better car dealerships. A car dealership that doesn't lie is like a finding a needle in a hay stack (and that needle would be Charlies motor Mall, try talking to Charlie maybe he'll give you some good Customer Service skills which you and your company are lacking).

Now on to your CEO. Yes I have all their names.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-07-31:
contact your local attorney general and file a complaint.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-07-31:
Do you really think local charities are going to turn down their money because one person had a dispute over a used car? Your effort might be better spent trying to resolve your own situation.

You might reconsider their offer of a used engine - you might end up better off. You never mentioned what the mileage is on the current engine, but if they install a lower mileage engine then you will end up with more life left in the car - and at least you will be able to drive it.

Seems like they have offered you quite a bit trying to work something out.
Posted by jenjenn on 2008-07-31:
Don't go to Charlie's. They're huge scam artists there!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-31:
Does Maine have a Lemon Law? If so, it sounds like you are covered.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-07-31:
Lemon Laws only apply to new vehicles, not used ones. This used vehicle had a 30 day warranty and is bound by whatever terms are stated therein.
Posted by rippoffedbyleeholdingakaleetoyota on 2008-08-18:
Follow up
Madconsumer I filed a report with the attorney general's office. They have broken several laws in section 9:7 of the consumer protection rights.
Hugh_Jorgen no of course they won't refuse the money. The point is making sure EVERYONE knows. I don't care who it is or who you are, eventually you will here my story.

I'm not accepting a used engine. The problem existed the DAY I BOUGHT the CAR. That is unacceptable.

What is worth more? A car with a motor it came with or a car with a motor from a junk yard that's rebuilt?

Do you work or have a vested interest in Lee Holding? It appears you may!

jenjenn I've had good luck with Charlie's. They ALWAYS stand behind their vehicles. They would never sell a car with a problem and have it under a 30 day warranty and not be willing or able to fix it.

Maine Lemon Law is for new cars under 3 years old and less then 16k miles. Nice huh?

I am picketing this week. Tomorrow is 8/20 still no car, they took my loaner away. I'm beyond MAD and now everyone will see what scam artists they are when they drive by their lot!

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