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Review by cruisemates on 2008-07-31
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- The AT&T SBCGlobal DSL customer service is a nightmare. I was diconnected last May in my vacation home, but I paid the full outstanding bill immediately, but just found out when I arrived here July 25 it was still disconnected. My account is still in "collections."

I put in a reconnect order July 25, with reference number. Was told it would be back on in 5 days. This was unacceptable enough, but they since "lost" the reconnect order. It is now day 6 and no DSL. I leave in three days, think I will just tell them to stuff their DSL where the sun doesn't shine.

Tech support is AWFUL, AWFUL AWFUL. You get shuffled between one East Indian, giving fake Western sounding names, to another. None of them help you, they only know how to transfer.

I have spent five hours on the phone and STILL no DSL. I have the equipment in my house, all they have to do is flip the switch.

Stay away from AT&T DSL - its a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted by DBone on 2008-07-31:
Why do people think that they can stiff a company on a bill, bring it current, and then EXPECT IMMEDIATE satisfaction. This isnt AT&Ts fault. Had the bill been paid there would have been no probelem.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-31:
DBone,best answer!!
Posted by cruisemates on 2009-01-28:
Actually, the fact is I had paid the bill BEFORE it was disconnected (as I thought), but I had been lied to by the collections team who told me that I had not paid in time.

An AT&T manager finally called me and told me the truth, that this was all AT&T's fault, and he said "this is NOT a case we are proud of."

In return they sent me a $50 gift card and free service until I returned to the guest house the next time (seven months later) and re-activated the DSL.

Once again, the initial service was horrible. When trying to restore I had been told my account was paid in full, yet it took five different "turn on" dates before someone figured out why they could not restore my service. The problem? Because they had put the account name down as my wife's first name as her first name and last name.

Our account was under "Louann Louann"
Her name is Lou Ann (my last name).

The Indian tech support people looked at it and didn't even realize that didn't look right. And when they read it to me I could understand what they were trying to say to me. That culture has way of acting as if the conversation is clear even when they have no idea what is being said.

It took an American to figure out the problem after literally weeks of run around and frustration.

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