Lowest Priced Clothing / Rachel Outlets LTD Complaint - Disappointed Consumer

Review by teddybearpatti on 2008-07-31
OLIVEHURST, CALIFORNIA -- In November 2006 I ordered children's clothes, women's L/S T-shirts, men's L/S T-shirts, and men's L/S flannel shirts.

Yes, I had to make a few phone calls to the company asking where my order was. My check had cleared the bank too! I left message after message and finally got a real person on the phone. In the background the place sounded like a rat race! The person on the other end (whom I won't name) assured me that my order was on it's way!

I finally received my order and was quite excited about getting it - which totaled $268.45; which $85.00 (approx.) was for shipping! I was expecting UPS to bring my shipment, however, a man driving a van with no business name arrived with my order! HMMMMMMMMM?! (My order was received in two different deliveries...ABOUT A WEEK APART FROM EACH OTHER!) The boxes were limp and ripped. I opened the box and everything was individually bagged in plastic bags. I decided to check every item out and some of them were tore, and had grease on them, or some sort of stain! (This was the children's clothing box.) The children's clothing was actually cute and I didn't have too much of a problem selling them, however, still have a big box with stains on them, or torn places. I checked out the box of flannels and found only a couple of shirts that looked like they had been ran over by a table with caster wheels which had been driven through grease. THENNNNNNNNNNN, I opened the L/S men's/women's T-shirts! WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!! THEY WERE TURTLE-NECKS!!! NOW, WHO IN THE WORLD WEARS TURTLE-NECKS??? I don't know very many people who do!!! WHAT A LET DOWN THIS WAS! Needlessto say I still have the majority of them! What to do? What to do with these? Use them as rags? Some of these shirts were also stained or tore. I had ordered 40 raincoats, which I never received.

I called Lowest Priced Clothing AGAIN and stated that I hadn't received the raincoats and was told that I would be sent another shipment of flannels to make up for them. I expressed my disappointment with the children's clothing also and the L/S TURTLE-NECK M/W shirts! I asked if they wanted the shipment back and was told to keep it, that a replacement shipment would be sent, free of charge to me. (By the way, I had called numerous times, and I wasn't the nicest customer leaving messages!!) :) I also asked for a "sample" shipment of the other items they have for sale and did receive a tie, three women's denim jackets, a what used to me nice men's coat with two holes near the collar - unfixable, and a few women's shorter-sleeved shirts, and a pair of men's Levi's that were in great shape. This was all free to me! I did receive replacement boxes of children's clothing, women's L/S shirts (mostly turtle-necks)and another box of flannels. (I guess I was lucky getting these replacements compared to other complaints about this company!)

I did make my money back, however, cannot sell, much less give away, the L/S TURTLE-NECKS!

I will not do business again with this company!

Just thought I would add my comments and experience with this company for others so they don't make the same mistake I did.
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2008-07-31:
Are you more upset with the quality of this company's merchandise or that they send you turtlenecks. Plenty of people wear turtlenecks in places where it is cold!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-31:
I'd be disappointed too if I expected good, sellable merchandise and got what you describe. Maybe you can eBay the items or donate them to a shelter or clothing bank for at least a tax write off?

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