Jennings North Regional Utilities Corporation Complaint - Late Fee And A Nonpayment Fee??

Review by la_gata_lopez on 2008-07-31
NORTH VERNON, INDIANA -- I am upset because I live in a community(one of the poorest) where it has a separate utility company then the outside. This company has tried to pull some major wrongs in the past. The average persons bill outside this community is around $30-$60 dollars a month. Everyone in this community has an average bill of $100-$200 dollars a month. I have had my water shut off before and went without water for 4 months. Last month I paid my bill late and I was lucky because since my dryer broke I don't wash many clothes so my bill was $95.00. I did not pay it on time by the 17th and so they added a $10.00 late fee; well if you don't pay it by the 22nd they shut it off on the 23rd. I went in and paid it on the 23rd and they charged me a nonpayment fee of $50.00 on top of my bill and $10.00 late fee. Can they do that? They didn't have to shut it off...but if they do ever shut it off...they charge you a late fee of $10.00 and then a $50.00 non-payment fee and a $50.00 disconnect fee and a $50.00 re-connect fee. Which totals $160.00 just in fee's on top of your bill.

This is why I had to go 4 months with out water once. My church ended up paying the total charges of $490.00 at that time. I was so happy. It is hard to be with out water when you have a husband and your self and 3 kids. The utility bills in this community are unreal. The electric company is almost just as bad. Is there anyone who regulates these prices??

I called the Indiana regulatory office in Indianapolis and they said, " I'm sorry that is out of our jurisdiction, I'm not sure who is over your area, but thank you for calling and I'm sorry I couldn't help you."
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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-08-01:
sounds resonable to me.

"The average persons bill outside this community is around $30-$60 dollars a month."

i wish ......
Posted by yoke on 2008-08-01:
You can cut back by not having internet service. That could help pay the necessary bills.
We just got out water bill. For 3 months it was $295.00.

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