Marvel Comics/Studios Complaint - Incredible Hulk - Even at the bargain matinee you feel cheated

Review by 70248 on 2008-08-01
Weary of the "dog days of summer" my 6 year old son and I elected to take in a matinee - he's big into the superhero thing these days so I spied "The Incredible Hulk" at the "dollar theater." You know the place - it's an older theater with stale popcorn that runs the B-grade and second run movies at a discount. Our "dollar admission" had jumped to 2.50 by now, but that's how everyone still refers to the place.

I really wasn't expecting much out of this film, as it didn't garner any great reviews and wasn't what you'd call a blockbuster particularly in earnings. I was counting on the strength of Edward Norton, a CGI Hulk character and the lovely Liv Tyler to carry the day.

I couldn't have been more wrong or disappointed in all three, but the storyline and insipid dialogue as well as the scale of the Hulk which kept changing really sent this flick south in a hurry. Unless you're from another planet, you've at least heard of the Hulk character, originally a Marvel Comic book hero who begins as a mild mannered man but turns into a giant sized green muscled creature when angered - though he usually manages to do "good" - don't you hate that.

If only this film version could have been as interesting as that description. Edward Norton seemed bored with the role - I'd expected more after his powerful role in Fight Club. Live Tyler looked out-of-it and a little out-of-shape, unlike that hot "Crazy" music video she did for Aerosmith years ago. The CGI Hulk Character and his Nemisis rogue Hulk character were good renditions and fought well enough, but the mono-syllabic Hulk speech was nothing short of laughable. The Hulk character also seemed to change size and scale, one scene he carrys Liv Tyler ala King Kong in one hand, the next scene He's not a whole lot bigger than her trying to scrunch into a cave. Even my son said "He should be a lot bigger than that." I replied "quiet, I'm trying to sleep."

He and I have enjoyed several of the Marvel superhero films, Spiderman and Ironman and the like. But I must say, after wasting my afternoon with stale popcorn and a stale(r) movie, the Hulk wasn't the only one who experienced "uncontrollable rage."

Do yourself a favor, find something else to do if you're cornered into seeing this flick. Or better yet - send your kid in alone so nobody can discipline him as he kicks the back of some grown up's chair incessantly like that red haired freckle-face brat did me the whole time. I'll get you jimmy!

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