Hartford Toyota Superstore, Hartford, CT Complaint - Takes Advantage of Young Trusting Woman!

Review by ripoff2 on 2008-08-02
HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- Unfortunately, my 22 year old daughter fell prey to the manipulative sales pressure during her visit to Hartford Toyota Superstore on Thursday (7/31/08). She’d been discussing trading or selling her black ’07 Honda Civic SI with only 18K miles on it for the last month or so. The $440/month payments were getting increasingly difficult for her to manage and with working two jobs to survive she thought it’d be best to lower her monthly output. She is now in a much worse situation… thanks to the trustworthy folks at Hartford Toyota Superstore!

My daughter agreed to trade her vehicle after being coerced into believing that the main purpose of this transaction was a lower monthly payment! They insisted again and again she must make the deal tonight! She literally traded her vehicle, signed all the paperwork and was on the road within a couple hours of walking through their dealership doors! Oh, she’ll be saving $100/month now, but increased the length of her current loan from 46 months to 72 months! She traded her mint Civic SI, valued at $21K for an ‘07 Toyota Scion tc with 33K miles. With Toyota financing she now owes nearly $24K on a vehicle that retails for approx $14K! The bottom line is she came out of the dealership with a car worth far less, with more mileage, a longer term loan and a larger balance owed! Oh, but let’s not forget that Hartford Toyota lowered her monthly output by $100 bucks!!! Who are they kidding?
My daughter called in tears this morning, saying, “Dad I got so screwed”! It’s amazing what a night of sleep can do – Is the “you must buy it now tactic” learned in scam school or is this an exclusive behavior of Hartford Toyota??

I called the GM at Hartford Toyota first thing this morning and he didn’t return my phone call. Both my daughter and I paid a visit to the dealership early today. I asked the general manager if they would be willing to rescind the contract and his reply was, “No Way”. He would not even discuss how they arrived at their fabricated numbers when I questioned him. When I accused him and his salesman of taking my daughter “to the cleaners” they escorted us both out! The truth typically makes people angry… and to think just 12 hours before this encounter my daughter was their prize customer!
I had to take the time to write this review in hopes that others don’t fall prey like my trusting daughter did.

Thanks to the GM, Business Manager and Salesman at the Hartford Toyota Superstore - you all deserve an award for the keen and slick way you took advantage of an innocent and trusting young woman! I’m sure you’re all pretty proud of yourselves!
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Posted by BobJohn on 2008-08-02:
An expensive lesson. Your daughter is an adult by age (I don't even like to think how immature I was at 22) and she signed her name. Unfortunately, the case is closed. A scummy deal for sure.
Posted by yoke on 2008-08-02:
Why didn't she call you BEFORE she signed the contract if she was so worried about being screwed over. She would have been better to go next door to CARMAX and sold it to them and then go buy a car she could afford.
Posted by vermont patriot on 2008-08-04:
i was looking at cars at that dealership and was immediatly turned off by the attitude of the sales people.the arrogance and rudeness which they displayed was all it took for me to shop else where and get a better deal on a better vehicle.
Posted by D. on 2008-08-04:
Did the salesperson explain how much the payments would be and the length of the payments before she signed papers? When I bought my car, I told the salemen what my monthly payment limit was. I think the salespeople feel that a customer will feel obligated to sign the papers once they go through the trouble or writing everything up. When my salesperson got all the papers for the car I wanted, he went over the payment plan with me...only to find that he wrote them up at about a hundred dollars a month MORE than I told him I was willing to pay. I stopped him in his tracks and told him, "No, if you can't get me this car in the monthly payment range I told you, then I'm not signing the papers and I'll go somewhere else"...I knew what I was able to afford without getting over my head. So, the ball was in his court, get me what I want or I go somewhere else. He had to go into the office, came back and offered me a payment plan of about fifty dollars over the amount I told him...and again I told him no...he said, "Ok, I can get you what you want"...he went back in the office and came out with the monthly payment for three years that I wanted..I signed the papers and took my car. BUT it took me SIX hours from the time I walked in the door until I walked out with my car! NEVER did it ever take six hours to buy a car...I had also had the bumper to bumper extended warrenty included in that monthly payment...after I drove the car off the lot and found the automatic locks didn't work, the interior lights didn't work and my Engine light came on...I took it back to them and they told me the warrenty didn't cover ANY of those problems. I told him to cancel the warrenty...I fought with them day after day until they canceled the warrenty which didn't lower my monthly payments, but it took quite a few months off and my car was paid off in less than the three years.

If your daughter got an extended warrenty attached to her monthly car payment,she shoudl really check if it's worth it, I've never known an extended warrenty to ever cover anything...and it may lower her paymnent or take quite a few months off her loan.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-04:
Unfortunately she probably won't be able to do anything about this since she signed the contract, essentially agreeing to their terms. They know they screwed her over, hence why you were escorted out. DB is right, you have to go in having done your homework ahead of time and know exactly what you are willing to pay, what terms you want, etc, and be willing to walk out if need be.
Posted by yoke on 2008-08-04:
I don't see where they screwed her over. She got what she wanted, lower payments. She signed the papers stating x amount for 72 months. Sounds like the next day she ealized what 72 months meant.
Posted by Auto girl on 2009-03-02:
I just have to add my thoughts to your experience with Hartford Toyota.
First of all, if you were so concerned about your daughter getting "screwed", why would you allow her to go down to the dealership not only on her own, but sign a legal contract? Shame on you, and her. If she wasn't smart enough to say let me talk to my parents or let me think about it, it's not the dealers fault. No one put a gun to her head to sign a contract, and when she had buyers remorse it was too late. An expensive lesson to learn, but maybe she'll think twice next time.

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