Family Landscape And Design Informative - I Had The Worst Experience

Review by NotGoingtotakeit on 2008-08-02
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I used the company Family Landscape and Design.

I paid the 24K in cash. The wrote a general contract and verbaly mad promisses they never carried out. The pavers the put down are setteling because the used 4 inches of sand. The took down my old lights that they installed and won't install the ones they prommised. The were expensive but we thought it would be worth it because the prommised good service. The never kept appointments, won't call us back. The put pictures of my home on their web-site and say we were so happy with them we asked them to design our back yard.

This is a total lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have filed comlaints with the ROC, IRS and Imagration. We are checking to make sure they claimed the cash on their taxes and notified the athorities theu use illegal labor from Mexico.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-08-02:
"and notified the athorities theu use illegal labor from Mexico."

what proof do you have?

paver are to be laid in a sand base. sounds like they did not compact it properly.
Posted by Chris on 2008-08-02:
illegal aliens working as landscapers in Phoenix...I find that a bit hard to believe.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-02:
Chris, all of the guys in front of our Home Depot are legal. They say so.
Posted by Chris on 2008-08-02:
LOL...i bet they do...hey, your little earthquake over there knocked out my power the other day...
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-02:
Sorry, but I'm not buying this complaint. Judging by the spelling I'm betting this is a disgruntled ex employee. Someone has 24K to throw down on landscaping a front yard yet they can't spell better than a 5th grader? Yeah right!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-02:
Chris, sorry about that. I lost two out of three phone lines and cell service for awhile. But never lost power or Internet. Few items fell over and out of cabinets. It was kind of a strange shaker. A lot of what happens depends on where you're at in relationship to the epicenter. We have the Santa Ana Mountains between us and Chino which may have taken a lot of the hit for us.

Who knows, were just sitting here waiting for the "BIG ONE" with baited breath. When that one hits you guys will really know it as you may end up with beach front property.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-02:
Never put more than a ten or 15 percent deposit on contractor work - AFTER you check a long list of references. RELIABLE contractors have credit with home improvement stores to get the project going and at least mostly done before you have to kick in anymore. You cheated yourself by putting up 24k "cash" - they took you for a not-so-informed consumer.
Posted by zeichner on 2008-08-17:
I just did a Google search for Family Landscape and Design and came across Mr. 24k guy's rant. It sounds like he's got some issues, but I'm not really sure if they're justified... especially after the fantastic experience that we had with Family Landscape and Design! We hired them to design and build our backyard landscape. They did an absolutely perfect job! They came highly recommended by friends of ours who had hired them previously. I truly do not understand the complaint posted by "Boo-hoo, woe-is-me, I paid cash, and I can't spell, guy". I would recommend them for any project that you may have. We're especially excited and impressed with the workmanship and the skill. Plus, they did a lot of little extras that we didn't expect. They actually trimmed our big front yard tree that was out of control without charging us for it. They said that they wanted everything to look perfect - and that it did! Anyway, for the price and the quality of work that they did, I would definitely recommend Family Landscape and Design!

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