R&D Electric Complaint - A Phone Call Would Have Been Nice!

Review by Principissa on 2008-08-07
MADISONVILLE, KENTUCKY -- So today is day two without air conditioning upstairs. I called R&D electric here in town to come out and have a look at it and fix the problem.

We've used R&D before and they did an excellent job repairing our air conditioner, so they were the first ones to call when it went out again.

The receptionist made our appointment yesterday morning and said someone would be out that afternoon. I called R&D at 2:30 that afternoon when nobody called and nobody showed up to see if they were coming out. Donna told me that unfortunately they were behind on a job and that they would be out tomorrow instead of today.

No big deal. I know we are not their only customers, however a phone call letting me know of the issue would have been nice, especially since it was nearing 114 degrees that day. I could have easily called someone else to come out and look at it that day.

Today is day 2. I haven't heard hide nor hair from R&D informing me when they will be out to fix our air conditioner. I was told they do not have a set time for us, they will be out when they can, but it will be today. Gee thanks! I love sitting in the house waiting for a technician who may or may not show up. NOT!

The fact of this matter is, that if this company is too busy, behind on jobs, not enough workers, whatever, they should inform their customers of this so they have the option to go elsewhere to have their repair work done.

R&D electric came very highly recommended by the former owners of our house and we were very pleased with the work they did the last time our air conditioner broke. But this incident has left me unimpressed and will most likely affect my decision of using them in the future. I will not stop giving them my business entirely, as I said, they do good work when they show up, but they will not be the first people we call when we have a problem. There are two other heating and cooling companies in Madisonville that I am sure will have no problems taking our money, and they will be called before R&D electric.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-07:
Good write up Princi. As you found out the worst time to call a air conditioner service tech is during a bad heat wave. Use lots of fans and drink plenty of water. Good luck.
Posted by D. on 2008-08-07:
Princi...it's too bad they can't tell you the waiting time, like those phone recordings do..."Your approximate waiting time will be three days and two hours".
Posted by Principissa on 2008-08-07:
Well I called someone else and they said they'll be here in an hour. So I canceled my appointment with R&D.
Super, the downstairs a/c works fine, it's the upstairs one. So we've been camped out for two days! :) Hubby and me on the recliners and the kids on the air mattress in the spare room. We have dormer storage in the master bedroom and it was 98 degrees up there. It was like sleeping in the attic.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-08-07:
Agreed. We are on our third A/C repair company for home and business. They come in and do a decent job a few times to get the biz, but after they get in a groove with us, they completely forget about our commitment to using them and get stupid. Make the switch.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-08-07:
Thank you Slim! You are exactly right. We've been through 2 plumbers since moving into the house. I only give these companies two chances and after that, I move on. There is always some repair person who wants my money, and I take it where it's wanted.

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