Grand Ledge Ford Complaint - Bad Business

Review by les on 2008-08-11
GRAND LEDGE, MICHIGAN -- Grand Ledge Ford Says they are the Number # 1 Ford Dealer in the area, I could not possible understand how they could claim such a thing.

I have bought 4 car's from them ~ The first two Car's I bought ~ They where under a different owner the current has owned it for about 4 years now, The last 2 car's we bought Where nothing short of a total disaster. The finance Department (No Names) Added life Insurance on my car ~ So if my Husband died the car would be paid off, Well needless to say the $689.00 put us over the payment we wanted to stay under so we had to finance our car an extra year at 3.9% (this was for 6 years) If we would have stayed in the 5 years our interest would have been 1.9%. We went over the paper work very fast, I did see the $689.00, and I didn't ask about it because I thought it meant (if I did not keep insurance on my car ~ the bank would insurance my car and would charge me to insurance my car).

Well I have to admit that was my fault for not catching that ~ But don't you think he should have told us he placed life insurance on our car, He NEVER SAID A WORD ABOUT THE LIFE INSURANCE AND WHEN HE WENT OVER THE PAPER WORK HE WENT RIGHT BY THAT PART OF IT) I reread the paper work about 3 weeks later, Only because I felt rushed and uneasy about 6 years of payment's, I only wanted 5 years, I read the paper work and realized it was life insurance ~ so I called them and told him he did not tell us about the life insurance NOR did we ask for it, he said well you can't change it your husband has to because his name is on the loan, So I had my husband call, It took them over a month to refund the money and they just mailed an adjusted check to the bank. I asked them to redo my car for the 5 years at 1.9% and they said they couldn't do that. Needless to say ~ he NOR did the Owner care that he was basically stealing from us and got caught.

PROBLEM # 2 ~ my nephew took his car in because it was having some issue's, they charged him to look at it because it was no longer under warranty ~ I understand that, but they came back and said he needed over $1,000.00 of work done to his car, That was hard to believe ~ He picked up his car and took it to another place ~ they told my nephew ~ the list of stuff they said was wrong is NOT and he only needed $300.00 of work done (Now his car drives Great)

PROBLEM # 3 My brother in law took his truck in for a recall and the service department said he needed $1,500.00 dollars of work done on his truck, needless to say his truck was high millage and he was not going to put that kind of money into it, he picked up his truck and they charged him $40.00 for telling him what's wrong with his truck, he didn't ask them to look at the truck ~ he took it in for a recall.

Problem # 4 ~ My sister went to buy a car and they wanted her to go through a certain bank ~ the interest rate was 7% ~ My sister has A+ Credit and told them she is not going to pay more then 5%, she had to sit there and tell them how to do their job ~ she finally got the 5%, after 2 hours of telling the finance department she would not buy the car at 7%.

PROBLEM # 5 I took my Ford Taurus in ~ for what I thought was a oil sending unit switch ~ $120.00 fix, they call me and tell me I need $800.00 of work done to my car, I said NO that is not what I wanted done ~ The oil leak was something other then the switch so I picked up my car ~ they charged me $40.00 because it was not what I thought it was.

Problem #6 ~ Another nephew went their to buy a car and they wanted to charge him 7% interest ~ He also has very good credit, he told them they need to do better, well they didn't so he went down to Sundance and bought a car at 0%.

Problem #7 ~ The car my sister bought had a problem with the brakes ~ the sales lady told her ~ NOT TO WORRY ~ IF THEY DON'T FEEL BETTER BRING IT BACK WE WILL FIX THEM, needless to say ~ she took it in and they said they could not look or fix the brake's unless she pay's for it because the car is not a ford....they also told her they would service the car and NO they will not unless she pay them to do that.

My point is we have a small family and for so many people to have so many problem's with one dealership is just unbelievable, I DON'T TRUST them anymore and I will drive to Portland to have my car service or to buy another one ~ Grand ledge ford is done for me.

This is not the only people I know who have had problem's with them but I think you can see the pattern with them ~ they are NOT honest Nor do they keep there word.

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