Desert Pontiac Complaint - Absolute Incompetence

Review by MGcode on 2008-08-11
HENDERSON, NEVADA -- I have brought my car in on multiple occasions to be fixed for the same issues on the GMPP that was purchased through the Findlay Chevrolet dealership. Findlay refused to work on the car anymore because they were not fixing the issues. We took the car to Desert Pontiac and continue with the same problems with the car going in and coming out. The dealership service writer the last time did not pay the rental they were required to pay for 4 months and I ended up with a charge on my card. Additionally, when I was assured by the Service Manager to bring the car in and they would fix it, I brought it in, duplicated the issue of complaint, the mechanic told me to have the steering flushed and synthetic fluid put in it to fix ONE of the issues and they charged me for it, and the transmission is still bad, the rack is still bad, the power steering is still bad and the AC Compressor is still making noise. This last time, I am 12 weeks into a high risk pregnancy, on a heart monitor standing in 100 plus degree heat getting the run around about a rental car which is provided to me through the GMPP warranty.

When I call to say, it is still not fixed, I get put on eternal hold. The service writer [snip] is rude and unhelpful and I have outright been lied to. When we picked up the car, we could tell immediately it was not fixed and yet, there was no service writer there to take the car back in. We left a note for them to call, the service writer did not return the call. This was no surprise as this is how we have been treated multiple times.

I would like a refund on all deductibles paid to this dealership for these items going as far back as they go and the charge for the power steering fluid flush returned to me since this clearly did not resolve the problem. I would also like a refund on any rental charges that they don't pay for since the last time they did not and 4 months later I got hit with a 231.00 bill. I would like a refund on the power steering service flush they told me should be better than using my warranty to replace the part and that was 113.87/

They have charged me deductibles multiple times for the same items, they have not fixed the car. If they would like to fix the car one final time and actually fix it, I would find this acceptable, however, standing in 100 plus degree heat being pregnant with a heart condition is a problem for me. They most recently told us to bring the car in, the General Manager of the dealership Robin said she would ensure we were taken care of and again a wasted trip as they refused to work on the car or give us a rental. The car is making a loud and obnoxious noise and we are stuck with a rack, power steering unit, transmission all of which have been replaced and worked on and all of which are faulty. To add to insult, we continue to pay on the GMPP warranty which is doing us absolutely no good.

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