ANNISTON LINCOLN MERCURY DODGE Complaint - Did they really service my vehicle?

Review by lakha1956 on 2003-12-05
ANNISTON, ALABAMA -- On 11/18/2003 I took my 1999 Dodge Ram in for a 50,000 mile service. I also wanted them to check out a vibration that I thought was due to tires, or possibly the drive train or steering. I told them to change the transmission fluid, axle fluids, flush and fill the radiator, rotate and balance the tires, align the tires, and inspect the brakes.
They told me the tires were severely out of balance and balanced them. No other problems were mentioned and the write-up said that the brake pads were in good condition. I drove the truck home and still noticed the vibration. After two weeks and no improvement - in fact it got worse - I took my truck back in and said the tires were still not balanced as it vibrated at 40-45 mph and 60+.
The service rep came in later and told me the tires were "perfectly" balanced and that the 1999 Dodge Rams had a design flaw and that only Michelin tires would stop the vibration. I took my truck to another Tire and Alignment Shop and ordered a new set of Cooper Tires. I told them to check the old tires for any problems and the brakes as well. Not only did they tell me that the tires were still out of alignment, but that the brake pads were almost worn down to nothing and needed to be replaced as soon as possible. I inspected the brake pads myself and they were correct. I drove home on the new tires, and there was no vibration problem.
Not only did I needlessly spend another $600 on a new set of tires, but found that my safety and the safety of my family has been jeopardized by ANNISTON LINCOLN MERCURY DODGE. I am also going to check that the alignment was done and verify that the fluids were changed, but at this point I wouldn't doubt that those have not been done or have been improperly done as well. I plan on filing a complaint against ANNISTON LINCOLN MERCURY DODGE service department with as many outlets as possible and to let other people know of the horrible experience I had being ripped off by you. I had planned on trading my Dodge Truck in for another Dodge, but at this point I will probably buy a Ford instead.

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