Centreville TV - Fairfax Virginia Complaint - Horrible Customer Service

Review by Sluggo on 2008-08-17
CHANTILLY, VIRGINIA -- I'm disgusted with the service that I've received from Centreville TV in Fairfax Virginia. When they first came by their technician removed all the parts from the back of my TV (delicate parts), crammed them into a garbage bag and left. I figured that they were broken parts so putting them into a garbage bag didn't bother me. But I was shocked when the repair guy came back the next week and installed the exact same parts into the TV. No big shocker when it froze up right after he left. I called Centreville TV and they sent the repair guy back the same day. The repair guy said that he told his boss that the parts had to be replaced - but his boss wouldn't listen and just told him to put the SAME PARTS back into my TV.

This time the repair guy had new parts that he installed. I had him wait for 20 minutes (I was nice and gave him some chips and a coke) to see if the TV would freeze again - it didn't so he left. Two hours later the TV was frozen again. (I guess the parts weren't that new). I called Centreville TV - they called right back and sent out someone early the next day to pick up my TV - they worked quick and were very nice about it. But when I followed up they kept telling me that the TV would arrive the next day - at whatever time I wanted it to be there. I would be home and waiting at the arranged time and 7 times of this and they never showed up. Six weeks of promises "Your TV will be there tomorrow at 10am Mr. X". No TV the next day. They made 7 appointments with me to deliver my TV back to me and finally after I threatened legal action did they return the TV. They had my TV for six weeks. When the TV was dropped off I asked if it worked - I was told that it did "but not so good". I plugged in the TV right away and it was still broken - Grrrrrr.

After that bad experience I sent the TV to a reputable shop that I found on Angie’s List and the TV was repaired after a short wait. The repair guy at the second shop told me that all of the "boards" in my TV were bad and he had never seen that before. My TV works fine now - no thanks to Centreville TV.

Incredible as it may seem - last week I received a message from Centreville TV telling me that they never received payment from me or the warranty company for "repairing" my TV or for the gas involved in picking it up to repair it. (Whoa - Shocker!) Also, they didn't like my earlier online review. If I didn't remove it right away - they would sue me.

Sue me? Incredible. Not only did they fail to fix my TV in the 6 weeks that they had it - but they also made me wait for 7 appointments - where they never showed up. If I didn't work at home, I would have had to take time off from work to wait for them. I also missed many a nice Saturday and Sunday sitting around waiting for them at home. Six weeks of empty promises, left messages, no-shows and a broken TV returned and they want to sue me because they don't want me to warn others about them. Absolutely NOT! This is AMERICA PAL - and if you can't handle criticism about how you operate - then you should clean up your act or find another line of work. And apparently there are 26 others that took the time to file complaints with the BBB who feel the same way. So I'm not picking on you - I'm just telling it like it is.

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