Mexicali Rose Complaint - Horrible Dining Experience

Review by bayzeegirl on 2008-08-21
WISCONSIN DELLS, WISCONSIN -- My family and I ate there only because we saw on the sign that the Chicago Tribune said it was "A Must". That must have been many years ago. The restaurant was dirty to start with. We were seating right next to a leak in the ceiling which was dripping behind one of my children's seats. We asked to be moved and never were so we moved our own table. The "Cadillac" margaritas were horrible and tasted like sour mix (and I'm a bartender so I know there was no liquor in that). We complained and were told that the waiter talked to the bartender - that was it. The food was bland - better Mexican food at Taco Bell!!

After we ate, my 3 year old saw a large spider walking along the table. The waiter first commented on him having quite an imagination but then when my husband killed the spider and showed him, he said "I don't like spiders either". No apologies or anything.

We did talk to the manager who "adjusted" the bill (never an apology from her either). The adjustment was for $4.00 off the original bill, not even the price of the overly expensive glass of sour mix.

Do not eat here - Horrible experience.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-21:
Better Mexican food at Taco Bell?? I hate bad Mexican food.

Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-21:
It always amazes me that people see that the food establishment "was dirty to start with" and they still chose to dine there. Are you kidding me? It does not take a genius to know that you turn around and you walk out the same way you walked in. If you stayed and actually patronized this establishment, then you knew what you were in for from the minute you walked in.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-21:
Last weeken I was listening to a restaurant critic on the radio. He said that when you go into a new restaurant, go directly to the rest room(s). If they are not immaculate, don't eat there because the kitchen will *always* be less clean than the rest rooms.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-21:
Some of the best Mexican food I've ever had come from less than clean establishments while some of the absolute worst came from squeaky clean plastic joints. So what are you to do? You give it try.. If you don't like it or it keeps you on the head for a week then obviously you don't go back and if you're a good hearted soul you warn others.

Good review!
Posted by MRM on 2008-08-21:
That's interesting, KenPopcorn.
Posted by RJ on 2008-08-21:
I agree with ♀ on this one. There's some great food comign from humble establishments. However, any "Mexican" restaurant that serves a margarita made from a mix is anything but "Mexican" and should be avoided. (I'll give partial credit to restaurants that offer a "gold" or "Real" margarita made from scratch)
Posted by Chris on 2008-08-21:
stew, I would give you the best answer, but that might get you closer to a star....
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-21:
I'm not too hip on dirty Mexican diners, but in line with ♀'s comment, I've found that the dirtiest run down BBQ joints have the best BBQ.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-21:
TAFKAS, I agree. I have had some of the best Steaks at some corner dive than I have had at some "Steakhouses".

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