Mary and Michelle's Clothesline - GA Complaint - Beware Of Fraud!!! - Semi-Annual Consignment Sale

Review by DontRipMeOff on 2008-08-22
BUFORD, GEORGIA -- While attending the Fall 2008 Mary and Michelle's Clothesline consignment sale my eyes were opened to several scams that consignment sales may run. First of all, I attended a preview the evening before the day-long opening of this semi-annual consignment sale. The fee was $5 to be able to shop early and away from a crowd. I entered and began to shop. The items were to be upscale, clean and reasonably priced. Many of the items were not upscale. Several items were a Wal-Mart, Kmart or Target brand and many others were brands that most would not consider upscale. Several items were very worn out, had fabric pills and some had stains. Upscale?? I think not. Gross! My husband picked up a Chuck-E-Cheeseā€™s plastic hammer that was for sale for $7. What is that?!? So, I managed to scavenge and find 20 items that fit my interest. I found a great Gap winter puffy jacket for $6 (my most expensive find), several pair of pants, a couple of Gap and Tommy Hilfiger button-down shirts, several play shirts and a few pair of PJs for my toddler son. By that time, the area was getting crowded and I was ready to go. I really did not have to wait in line to get the tags pulled off of the clothing and counted. The woman that I met at that step was absolutely wonderful.

I then moved to the pay line. While the woman in front of me was paying, I quickly added up my total so I had some sort of idea of what I was getting into. I sure was not ready for what was to come. The woman was one of the namesakes, herself! A privilege I later regretted. She as cordial and began scanning my tags. She then stopped and started computing on a very basic calculator. Her first total came to $86. I had totaled about $72.50 in my quick count. I told her that the number did not seem right, so she soured and scanned all the rest of the tickets into the computer. She mixed tags up so I was unsure of what she had already scanned. Her number was then $81.50. Ok, now something was wrong. I asked her if I could total the tags and I could then sense apprehension. She said I could, and then began to rant about how the computer is right and that the items were scanned and totaled.

She would not comply with my total price questioning and refused to have anyone recount the amount. She also told me that the computer will only let her enter the tag once and that she would have to just delete all of them and put the tags back on. I asked her if she watched the price as she scanned and she said she did. I watched her and she did not. She told me she had a line and she needed to just put the tags back on. I told her I still wanted the clothes; she ignored me and told the next lady she would help her. I then totaled the 20 tags and computed $76. I did this FOUR TIMES and got the same amount each time. She would have nothing to do with it. She again said that she would put the tags back on the clothes and I again said I still wanted the items but was going to pay the correct price of the totaled tags.

By this time, I was shaking mad and could tell she was flustered. I called my husband back in. He was already in the vehicle with our son strapped and ready to go. He had no idea of what was going on. I briefed him on the situation and he asked her what was going on. She would not really talk to him. I then said that she would not have the total recalculated and something was wrong somewhere. I mentioned that some kind of fraud was going on. She then accused me of speaking foul language, which I definitely did not. My husband, boiling by that, started yelling to the people that they better count up the prices and make sure that they are right when they go to pay because ours were not and the woman did not seem to care.

Every woman in line started checking their tags. The namesake then called the police on us and told them that a man was yelling threatening things to her customers and the police needed to come to the facility. She told us to wait, which we had no problem doing. After a short wait and us spreading our story, she told us we could leave and gave me my $5 entry fee back. The lady that took the tags off even came over to see what was going on and was more than willing to total up the amount. The namesake refused to let her do so. As we exited the store my husband made comment that everything would not have been a big deal if they could do math. The man working the other register yelled back that our attitude was bad.

Actually, we were quite reasonable and just wanted a fair transaction. I am still mad that I did not get some of the items I picked out. But I would rather lose out on some cute clothes than contribute to FRAUD. Every other volunteer that we came in contact with was wonderful and very helpful. It was sad that they work for someone who was more eager to earn a dollar than offer customer satisfaction. I am also disappointed since I was a supporter of a few of their previous sales, when they were smaller, and was fairly satisfied with the entire package.

On another note, the website initially noted that Visa was accepted with a minimum purchase of $10 or $15. When we got there, signs were posted that a 7% charge would be added if the card was used. Both actions are violations of Visa agreements. She is not allowed to request a minimum charge. This she apparently realized since she changed her policy. She is also not allowed to ask the consumer to pay the Visa transaction fee. She can, however, offer a cash discount equal to the amount.

So... Buyer beware at consignments. Total your purchases before you get to the register and stand firm on errors.
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Posted by love this sale on 2009-12-31:
Moved From Other Review: I read the complaint on this sale and I thought it was so funny. I was in line behind this lady & it happened nothing like she said. She was arguing with a computer checkout total to one that she came up with in her head. She got very ugly when she could not purchase the clothes and so did her husband. They both used profanity and did so in front of their children. The police had to be called to have them removed. What is unbelieveable is that this is all over used clothing. I can't believe the time was taken to write what she wrote. There are so many more important things going on in our world to write about used clothes.
I've done this sale from the beginning & it is a wonderful sale, in fact, the best around.
Sorry, just had to respond to this since I was in line behind this angry person. Uggg!
Posted by beware of mean people on 2010-02-12:
Awesome sale! I have been apart of this sale since it started. I am sad that the sale is no longer. This has been a wonderfully ran sale!!!

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