Adwords-Revelation.com Complaint - More Get Rich Hype

Review by Bob3251 on 2008-08-23
"Fasten Your Seat Belts" Proclaims the headlines at Adwords-Revelation to make unsuspecting readers get excited and believe they are REALLY going to learn how to make that elusive MONEY FROM THE INTERNET from a GURU SLAYER / EXPOSER.

Adwords-Revelation is more of the Hype you see all over the internet promising WEALTH, RICHES , SECRETS etc, with DO ANYTHING, SAY ANYTHING sales copy to get your money.

He tries to make people believe he is exposing internet gurus and then trys to get them to believe Adwords-Revelation will make them tons of cash so he will get lots of orders at $77 each which will (he hopes) make HIM tons of cash.

He has posted positive "reviews" all over the internet praising how GREAT Adwords-Revelation is to get people to buy his ebook. By posting his own positives reviews and pretending to be a non biased reviewer, he is using deceptive advertising.

The guy who owns these sites, Adwords-revelation, Anti-guru-movement, Googlesblackbook, The-scam-busters, The-guru-enforcer, All-gurus-exposed , Milliondollarreviews etc uses many names to promote his sites such as [snip].

Owner of Adwords-Revelation of has a history of not giving people refunds and horrible customer service. The information he sells and charges $77 for is basic and can be found all over the internet for FREE.

This Binh Dang or who ever he really is appears to be a GURU-WANNA-BE and wants to make the kind of money the "GURU'S" he critiques make. He should get DAY JOB and go back to washing dishes as a bus boy or do what ever he was doing before trying to make it rich on the internet.
Company Response on 09/15/2008:
I apologize if you have mixed me up with somebody else. I am the owner of Adwords-Revelation and Adwords-Revelations alone. All the other websites promoting my product are affiliates who have actually bought my product.

My product is not rehash, feel free to contact anybody who has bought it. I am not a guru wanna-be because I don't want to be a guru. Guru's lie, cheat and over promise but under delivered. So why would I want to be one.

If you have a problem with my product feel free to contact me directly through the help desk, or by my personally email address. I would love to talk over the phone and address any issues you might have.

Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2008-08-23
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-23:
They look like just another bunch of loosers selling over priced out of date eBooks. As long as people give guys like this money they will keep ripping people off.
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-08-23:
any of these get rich quick never work except for a teny tiny portion of people.

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