Holiday Inn Express Complaint - HIE added charges after we checked out. From another person's room!

Review by dieHIE on 2008-08-25
CROCKETT, TEXAS -- We recently stayed at a Holiday Inn Express to attend the funeral of a nephew. We paid our bill at checkout, and left. The next day, we found 4 days of another party's room charges, and charges for three room holds we made and canceled in person at the front desk on our account. The manager refused to take our call, and lied to Amex, saying we had refused to cooperate and give him the name of the other party, whose account was billed for one day (hotel had their card for that day!) and whose name was on a letter to HIE sent 3 weeks before thew manager's lie to Amex. The room holds, they were not put through the HIE reservation system, so no confirm number, no cancel number, just $300 free money for HIE, Crockett.

We sent the HIE invoices showing another room number with our billing info, and our room number with another's signature. Still no help. HIE has no apparent policy for customer complaints, except to write non-responsive nonsense letters. And Amex has chosen the hotel chain over the customer. Bye-bye HIE, bye-bye Amex.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-08-25:
this has happened to me as well. i made resevations for my compnay, and they charged me instead the the person in the room. all i did was contact amex, and holiday inn, and it was straightened out quickly. i think this all has to do with guaranteed reservations.
Posted by BobJohn on 2008-08-26:
"...charges for three room holds we made and canceled in person at the front desk ..." Did you make these reservations on the Internet, if you did you probably ended up with a non-refundable room rates. You don't use them you still get charged for them. Other people's charges should be refunded.

Ah, on rereading your post you said "The room holds, they were not put through the HIE reservation system.." Does that mean you did 'hold' them at the front desk or by telephone? If they weren't in the reservation system how did they know they belonged to you?

I'm confused on how you put 'holds' on rooms. I believe you either reserve them or you don't. Any clarification would be helpful.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-08-26:
How long were the rooms held? You might have canceled them at the front desk, but if they held three rooms overnight and then the next morning you said, "oh by the way, those other people aren't coming after all" then you didn't really cancel in time for them to re-rent the rooms and that is why you got billed.

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